Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21


Queues to get into the queue. Seems like a good idea to keep releasing servers one by one server and leave the guys that don’t read forums worry about dead realms (unless it’s super detailed in-game that Low now=full in 2006).

And why have Firemaw stay Medium-ish (and naturally fill up to high which is already 1-2h queue proably), let’s mess that one up as well with Full before more servers (you know, the at least 5 new ones that are coming before 30th).

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:rofl: cracked me up hahaha


I mean, this has to be some mastermind plan to allow server transfers for free but with only 12h advance warning and only on certain factions to certain sever to force balance ratio right?

(And let’s not forget that not-so-far-fetched idea of milking more paid transfers later when phase 2 has huge influx for PvP and no more layering left and people have already complained the economy and overpopulation are crap and not Vanilla-like enough.)

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I would like to count on this.

Having a carefully managed character transfer program over the lifetime of the game is essential imo.


The problem is cyclic.

Every time you said “We urge player to move from Shazzrah/Golemagg in others realm” -> People who see this, are likely more incentived to make new character on theses realm.

Why ? Because most people are sheep like in real-life, and they are afraid of empty server. This is the nightmare of every Retail player : when you have an empty server, the world feel empty.

Some server in Retail are desert. I take the example of a French server : Naxxramas. You have the feel to play lonely and it’s an horrible experience. Retail have cross-realms interaction, but Classic will not have it. So the risk to “start” on a “Low/Medium” server is really not worth for them, they want the highest population server. It’s human, we can’t blame people for that.

Why not “Locking” Shazzrah Golemagg to force people to go on others realm ?


i see two things must be done to ensure the game goes smoothly during launch
1- reset all the characters/server aka delete the chars and give people a heads up a day before so they can create their names . fair and square

2- lock/prevent character creation on full servers to force people to go to other servers

3- when all those servers are full , release another . and stay on your toes blizzard :slight_smile:

just brainstorming here . read a lot of threads and comments and found this to be the ideal solution . if anyone has a better idea please let them know .( i hope they do read these comments )

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I believe your concerns to be misplaced, there are simply too many servers in retail, we are dealing with another entire order of magnitude here.

The realms are also overstacked with players thanks to layers, so I do not think there will be dead servers any time soon.


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yeah i can see why the first one would fail .not everyone keeps up with blizz news . and you’re right . everyone wants in but i bet a lot with quit when they find out it’s much more difficult and work in comparison to retail .

that character transfer would solve a lot


If you release 2 more servers this will fix the issue of pvp players making characters on Shazzrah and Golemagg

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Yeah except a large number of people won’t sub until the very last day and then Firemaw will be overcrowded too.

But no. You know best, as usual. Stop creating problems and then acting like its our fault.


Wipe all reserverd names and start again


Blizzard could have closed character creation on those full realms the moment you saw it could become a problem, but they didn’t… so… yea, that.

Reminds me of that Bloodelf that needs his fix although he knows in the end it will be, the end…


Why not “Locking”… its simple…

You want bring your familly/ irl friends/ GF in, they are Waiting with sub to Day 1. Cause they dont Care About name… They Just want to play with you

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So when are you opening more servers? Both PvE and PvP have nothing less than high available. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that many people want to play with their friends - so open a new server before the old one is stuffed.


I’d very much rather wait in a queue than be on a dead server. Nothing is going to change that.

Someone on Reddit said we should expect a 50-70% dropout rate after the first 2 months. That’s very conservative to say the least. I expect nothing less than 90% with Blizzard’s insistence on maintaining the Vanilla player caps after phase 2 coming back to haunt them.


Either move or don’t move. Just stop whinging for gods sake.

Yes I know you all have a crystal ball which showed you how popular it was beforehand but blizz don’t have that technology.


I subscribed early just for name reservation. So im paying 2 weeks for almost nothing just for waiting. And if Ill get 2 hours que on pyremaw pve which is high now, thanks but that breaks the experience and Ill eventually stop being patient and wuit subscription…I didnt have any wues on khadgar in vanilla


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At this point I no longer pity the fools who stay on full realms. You have been warned.

Thanks Blizzard for this post. You are doing everything right from my point of view. Slow steady realm releases, early feedback on realms, alternative options, re-insuring that low population actually isn’t low (this is a game design/UX, but hey its classic #nochanges).

At this point its up to the player really…