Overcrowded Realm Update


I dont understand why blizzard dont use megaserver tech.
The elder scrolls online uses it. 1 server per region…


I think people would actually have massive respect if they just admit they messed up this whole server thing and started again


WoW Classic players inc!!!

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The reason why I don’t play ESO is exactly the megaservers. As a role player, it is impossible to find other role players unless someone joins a generic enormous role play guild. It kinda kills the chance for random role play.


you got 5 realms to start with, with a smaller audience than europe.


This is all just dumb anyway… they’re basing it off of people who have reserved names. We’re gonna need way more than this


More information on the population distribution would be useful. If they really must keep the raw totals a secret, relative populations (percentages/ratios) of each server would allow us to know just how overpopulated they are.

For example:

"Of the accounts that have registered on one of the four English EU PvP realms:
60% of accounts have registered names on Shazzrah, and if each of these logged in with 1 character the server would be at 700% concurrent capacity. A/H ratio is 40:60

30% of accounts have registered names on Golemagg and if each of these logged in with 1 character the server would be at 350% concurrent capacity. A/H ratio is 45:55"


Maybe accompanied by a pretty chart to drive the point home.

And then keep us updated with changes …


You say “we” how many are you talking, as in confirmable numbers? I’ve seen many nationalities trying to claim realms but never seen English trying to claim anything.

I’m English so curious.

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Yeah i know you do. It’s basically a form of extremisme really.

And rightly so. But for the vast majority it’s all great. We have a lot of nostalgic, fun filled years to look forward too.

Maybe there’s a pirate server out there that satisfies your extreme niche needs. You may have to pretend the dead realms though… i can’t imagine there are many people willing to linger on an almost empty server just to make Trajan feel good.

But wait… you already mentioned you “will play it anyway”. :roll_eyes:

What i care about in this case is a nice official Vanilla server. I’m willing to make concessions though because i’m not a selfcentered extremist and i realise that it’s not only the demands of the player that has to be met here to make it possible.

So i guess that is what i’m really “defending” here, the middle ground. Because on the middle ground things become possible while all the way on your extreme end nothing can grow.

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Did you really just say that a dead realm requires players? You might want to think that one through again :rofl:

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You may want to rethink that statement yourself.

Dead realms are a problem for the remaining active players trapped there for obvious reasons but also for Blizzard because of the inactive characters of active AND inactive accounts on them. That is why they are so painstakingly trying to avoid them.

But thanks for confirming what i mentioned in my last post by trying to avert attention by blowing this obvious smokescreen.

And then again, maybe you really don’t understand the issue here and that is why you only see them as meaningless props in your extremist wet dream.

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And this has something to do with you saying that realms need players to be dead?

Also yeah, I know that dead realms are a problem. Warts and all. But when one does happen to Classic you will call it perfect execution by Blizzard based on some other positive thing that remains. Because you don’t actually care about dead realms. It’s just the latest talking point.


Heh, by “we” I meant our guild (130ish) - not trying to represent the UK :wink:

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Uhmm… well i think the answer to that is in the first line of the text you quoted. If that isn’t the answer for you then i don’t know what to say.

A not so well designed gameplay detail is “warts and all”. What you want is peoples invested time destroyed so can have that ‘nostalgic feeling’.

No, i will say that its too bad that it still happened after all Blizzard has done and invested to avoid it.

No, indeed i don’t care for dead realms at all. That is why i applaud Blizzard doing all they can to avoid them instead of listening to extremist zealots.

Wut? :man_shrugging:


Never trust a guy thats in a guild with a name like ‘Glory of the Betrayal’…
He will betray you!

But for real. All realms will have queue, and they play safe to prevent dead realsm. Good job Blizzard! I like the approach.


I just wanna say one thing: Firemaw will be the best realm in Europe.” The rest of the strory is written in the book”. Cya around shazz!


I see what you did there…


Should’ve made more PvP realms at the start.

Should’ve made atleast 1 Spanish server.


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