Packs dead before I can dot

Another one

I wanted to come with some contructive feedback instead of all the other crying posts ive made on assassination rogue.

I am pretty sure everyone at blizzard already know this, and maybe assassination rogue is meant to be the way it is for later content? But right now I can not even rupture more than one target before the pack is dead. I garrote 3-4 targets and ruptures 1. But it is not worth it. So what I am left with on packs I know die fast is fan of knives and crimson tempest. There is literally no other way for me to do somewhat decent damage. I even try to adapt and got the Grim Codex trinket so I can do some AoE every 30 seconds when I am doing m+ packs. If I want to cast slice and dice I need to do it on the pack earlier before starting a new pack, and because energy regen is so slow I sometimes cant even cast my 3-4 garrotes on the next pack because I dont have enough energy so I awardly stands there and try to cast garrote with not enough energy. I dont see any of the other talents helping me more, I have condidered it. Please look at assa rogs :----(

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