Pala and Mage/Rogue LF guild

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As the title says we are looking for a 2-day raid guild to start the new raid tier with after recently rerolling to the server.
We are both curved players from the UK and have been playing since vanilla mainly as mythic (or previous equivalent) raiders.

I am happy to play either holy or prot, but don’t want to play ret ( I suck hard at dps xD) . I do have the most experience as prot, but I have a reasonable amount of holy experience too.
My other half has a rogue and a mage and is happy enough to play either of them, both are pretty equally geared.

We need raids to start no earlier than 20:30, that’s not negotiable as we have small children who need to get put to bed. The actual days don’t matter but would only want to raid 2 days with maybe a 3rd optional night for alts.

We would like a friendly nontoxic guild, we like a laugh but don’t enjoy a super toxic environment.

If you think you have a guild that we could fit onto you can either leave your details here or contact us at Richy#2214

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Hi, I’ve sent you a friend request on BN KRYSIZ#2224


Hey there,

Feel free to have a chat with me: Emteczero#2954

We are looking for an offtank/holy healer and a dps :slight_smile:

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