Paladin wings animation is bugged while Bloodlust Brooch is active

When you use your Avenging Wrath together with Bloodlust Brooch trinket your character becomes red, but wings stay yellow. This is NOT blizzlike behaviour and clearly a bug.

If you look at old videos everywhere wings are red, for example this video is reupload from 2007 shows wings were clearly red under Bloodlust Brooch trinket: (7:00 timestamp)

Or a different video with different trinket (Berserker’s Call from ZA) which shares same animation, at 1:26 you can see wings are red aswell:

Please fix it, it is very ugly.


Twio things wrong here

  1. Bug reports should be in-game as Blizz employees do not read these forums
  2. This is a TBCC matter, and should be moved to the relevant sub-forum. Again no moderators, so self-servise – Use the pencil icon next to the title, please.

Ty, made a report and moved to the other section.


Give us red wings blizz

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I reported to bug submission that and also GM replied me that this is unintended and wings supposed to be red. So maybe in near future we gonna get a fix?

Literally unplayable.

Really?! They replied back?!

I’ve been sending reports about lack of visual effects of strike abilities for many months now!

Naah, i initially made a standard ticket (not a bug-submission) about this bug and GM replied me that he sees that it behaves differently and he reported the bug himself.

Then i made a bug-submission report aswell, no answer from there.

Huh, sending a ticket is made quite troublesome these days, though.

Additionally, considering current issues at Blizz-Activision, I wonder if there will even BE someone there on the other side…

EDIT: Anyway, big thx for the reply.

Sadly still not fixed on T5 PTR

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