Paladins, Warlocks , Mages , and Monks



When they will be nerfed ?

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when you got good in this game.

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That’s a pretty heavy statement right here.

Which specs in particular ?
Why ?
How ?

Expand on your idea lmao

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I’m going to assume OP means:

Paladin burst during wings
Warlock Chaos Bolt/Demon Armor
Fire mage burst/GPB
WW damage/utility


I mean, how can one want a nerf for warlock or paladin at all. You literally have to have zero experience in WoW’s or your characters mechanics.

Paladin is only strong during his burst window, because he lacks at mobility since Freedom is dispelable from every caster and is easily CCable after that, and every melee can just run away from Paladins during it, except DK maybe but he counters Paladins with Anti-magic-shield anyway. So EVERY class can shut said burst window down easily.

Warlock is a standing turret which is only strong when he has enough time to cast free cuz you were to dumb to counter his cast or LoS his spells. He lacks more mobility than paladin does. Really, if you get oneshotted by his chaosbolt then its a serious l2p issue.

I have no opinion to monks/mages since i dont play them at all. From a paladin-perspective i only have to say its impossible to play against mages since paladins bfa-dispel and freedom/mobility is nothing compared to pre-bfa.

Since i originally mained a Paladin and playing my warlock now, i realized how extremely easy melee-classes are compared to casters. As caster you always have to think where you have to stand to get maximum uptime and as few as possible CC’s/counters, and always have to fake cast because everyone can interrupt you, and as soon as you get one interrupt you can burn in hell. Its ridiculious how easy it is to faceroll as melee. Seriously.

Can't figure out how this sap landed?

I assumed they meant hpala infinite mana heh


Don t forget to mention the spec. Don t want blizzard to not understand and nerf demonology

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That’s what happens when you have “Aragorn syndrome”. This mage potentially wanted to fight them toe to toe like a real man on all their cooldowns and died. He is not a coward.

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