Pandaren Tinkers

If Tinkers become the next Playable class, please can we have Pandaren Tinkers, I really love pandas but I also loved the engineer class in wildstar. They could have Keg robots or something.


3 min offensive cd visualization


lorewise not possible I guess, even if there will be tinker class it will be for gnomes and for goblins.

Would be lovely if every race could be though like dks/monks

And Mecha-Gnomes, if they become an allied race.

It depends on how this class would be implemented.

Would it be fully “mechanical” or also magical, possibly even mixture of both for races who creates various constructs, e.g. Blood elves, Nightborne or LFD and Draenei, dwarves can create their versions, golems, as well.

If it happens, I seriously demand a pandaren paladin.

I don’t care about all the lore reasons. Just give me a smegging pandalin so I can actually have an alt x(

Tinkers will have Race qualifications similar to Demon Hunters ie only Gnomes and Goblins.

Go short or go broke.



Well the goblin team in islands is probably what you’re looking at for Tinker Gazlowe, the other Goblin and the Undead.
no idea what the alliance team contain apart from gnome (I play alliance so I see the Horde AI)

mech suit (tank) , Undead has some sort of laser beaming thing and the healbot , the other goblin has movable turrets.

so I suspect Undead can be Tinkers along with Dwarves so 75% short :slight_smile:

As someone that is both a Pandaren, and Tinker fan…


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So Forsaken are no longer just creepy Alchemists and body snatchers?

Boo, I say, boo!

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Should be a gnome & goblin only club much how demonhunters works

Sorry my Panda friend but or G&G only or riot

They should just drop class restrictions altogether…

Give them all some race related themes.

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