Pandarian Spirit Quest not available

I am new to Battle pets and want to do the Pandarian Spirit Tamer Quest in Pandaria. Sara Finkleswitch who is supposed to offer it only offers me a PVP pet battle quest. Our family paid for Mists of Pandaria on 2 of our accounts. Should not this Quest be available to us? Hmmm found more info and might have prerequisites. More will be revealed.

If you’re new to Pet Battles there is a lot you would need to do before getting to the Pandaren Spirit Tamer quest.

It’s a long chain of battles, but there are guides to help with pet suggestions and the routes to take.

You need to have made your way through all of the Tamers on all the previous continents you see.
Kalimdor for Horde, Eastern Kingdoms for Alliance, then Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and then Pandaria up to Aki the Chosen.

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Thank you Tizaksul

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