Party on the Dance Floor in the Darkmoon Faire

Party on the Dance Floor in the Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire returns with a new addition—Darkmoon Dance Competition!

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World of Warcraft?

Good. Now clear these forums for the ridiculous hate posts against Russian players.


I’d be happier with the dance studio, but this is decent enough as well I suppose.

I’d really like that male pandaren dance…

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Well it was a colorful experience I give it that. Too bad blizzard forgot to make the final award into a toy that does not take up bag space :confused:. While dancing there’s the same glow and sounds that were used with heart of azeroth.


The rotten-tomato attack from the audience is pretty harsh, combined with the /cry emote is humiliating which I get enough from players, so I wish no more.
Everything else, in this daily quest, is great so far for me! :+1:

It is too fast and overlap colors/icons and I was like errr…what kind of joke is this? Because, it is completelty fail how it works due to it is hard to see overlap colors/icons. You dont see it!

So I hear that the reward for dancing is an item that couldn’t even be added into the toybox.

Much like the new Enlightened faction tabard that returned to the old design of the model not having any textures around the waist area.

And the return of the standard tbc-era daily quests. Please just abandon these altogether already in favor of the much better world quests design.

You do one thing correct and completely abandon the philosophy shortly after. Is there any consistency among the dev team? Overall the new Darkmoon Faire addition is a cool gimmick, but nothing about it screams fun or enjoyable gameplay.

I can confirm that this is indeed the case. It’s quite odd really. :confused:

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