Pathetic move


Pathetic of Blizzard, yes. They know players put value in their names, and they’re just using that to make money. I don’t blame anyone for re-subscribing to get their name. I blame Blizzard for scummy business practices.
It’s sad that Classic isn’t free from Activision Blizzard’s greedy hands.


Ah, the good old Green Tinted Spectacles. Of course Blizzard can open more servers if they want… they’re hardly wanting for money and resources. If they want to upgrade their hardware, they can. Wake Up.


Imagine if Blizzard decided to give us Classic WoW, and people would still find reasons to complain…

Oh wait :o


Imagine if the complaints made sense.
Just wait for Phase 2, it’s gonna be hilarious. AND varied. You will so many new types of VALID complaints.


At least someone with a brain.

I feel like people are obnoxious enough to request increased monster experience too.

(Punyelf) #140

I think you are talking about something different. I explained why realm connections weren’t possible atm.

Blizzard have indeed created more realms in all regions since they first announced them. We now have even more coming Monday.


First, I appreciate your reasoning posts, both when I agree and when I don’t.

I agree with this, it’s been obvious for quite some time they really fear that. However, how they have handled the concern, is anything but impressive.

I believe even with the information available at that time, they should have created more than 2+2 rest of Europe servers. After that they had data, and seriously you can’t defend the decisions after that.

Now exactly, they have added one more some time after all the previous were filled up. This difference is critical. By waiting so long, they have guaranteed that every single reserved name, will be on a server with significant queues at launch. Notice that their own statement is, even high population will have long queues.

The crucial part here, is Monday evening. We’re all stuck with the name reservations on realms they know will have long queues, and won’t open the new ones until game launches. The announcement means bugger-all when we can’t act on it anyway. The names we reserved we can maybe play, and maybe can’t.

As I’ve said, I don’t care about the money for two weeks subscription. Small change. But I do feel cheated for what emotion and interest I’ve invested. Their advertising certainly suggest “subscribe now and reserve your name, play your favourite character Monday at midnight”.

Of course it’s legal, what they’ve done. Name reservation is open for all with a subscription, and that’s how it’s been. It’s just that it turn out the name reservation matters little, which we now know that Blizzard has known for quite some time.


It’s it really worth crying over a tenner though?

Heck I would only have to go to work for 24 minutes to earn that, barely enough time to boot up my laptop, read my emails and make a coffee :frowning:

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are you american by any chance? you smell like a murican.


Half a months subscription is less than 10 % of my mouse, and I don’t game much, at all :slight_smile: Looking back, no rose tinted glasses can make me nostalgic for the disposable income of 2005!

However, I feel like a right idiot because I looked forward to play my favourite character Monday midnight and enjoyed the preparations for that. I don’t like to feel like a right idiot. “Haha, you acted on our information, advertising, and recommandations, and thought that would make a difference? Ahahahaha, aren’t you something!”

A rational emotion? No. A difference in the long run? Probably not much. Still don’t like it.

(Punyelf) #145

I think many will still be reluctant to give up the names they have reserved on their original choice servers. Especially if they are attached to them. The early access period to reserve names will still have benefited those people. Some will have reserved a name on three servers. Others will have three names on one.

I appreciate some feel cheated by the way things have been done even if there is no intent to scam anyone.


oOh lOoK aT mE i eArN tWenTy pOuNds aN hOuR


Regardless it’s not a large amount if you’re able to afford playing WoW to begin with

(Nuckchorris) #148

You had to pay to get CHANCE to get into beta, you had to pay for name reservation, it wasnt hidden anywhere, you knew what are you doing. So dont cry now.


I don’t think Blizz should be charging for reserving names. Since when have people been able to reserve names prior to a server launch? The whole thing is daft and greedy by Activision Blizzard.

Also, I would say it is a substantial amount of money - it’s what 1/24th of your entire annual subscription, just to name your character. Crazy.


Everyone must decide for themselves whether it’s worth the price or not. I figured, create my character of old, get my basic addons set up and pretested in the beta, and possibility to spend a couple of hours to look around in retail, was worth a few euro.

We all must decide according to our own priorities.


Of course. (I won’t be subscribing until Monday shortly before the game launches)
But I just think it is scummy of Activision Blizzard to offer people this service at a price.

(Cadsuane) #152

Every time people call out Blizzard for the reservation name scam, the counterargument always goes: “you didn’t pay for name reservation, you paid for a subscription to play wow, the name reservation is just a bonus” or some such nonsense.

Here is why this argument is invalid - when you pay for something that includes multiple services, independent of each other, failure on the part of the vendor to deliver on any of those services can be considered breach of contract.

Imagine you’ve paid for a holiday on a cruise ship. But the pool is closed during the entire trip. When you complain you are told that the pool is just a bonus and you aren’t entitled to it, even though the cruise trip was advertised as clearly having a pool. They tell you to go use the casino instead, even though you don’t care about this piece of entertainment.

If you fall for this, it needn’t end there. Next time the pool, the casino and the bar will be out of service. And so on. Until you’re sailing on a ship with no food, comfort or entertainment, but the captain is telling you “Hey, the ship is still above water, so technically we’re providing you with something in exchange for the money you paid, therefore you can’t complain!”.

Blizzard understand this, even if a lot of their fanboys do not. This is the reason they haven’t locked or deleted the Full realms, even though plenty of people have called for it. To do so would be in open breach of contract and false advertising and would spell riots. Instead they are politely asking people to move from the crowded realms and forfeit the money they paid in order to have first dibs on the names there.

In our cruise ship metaphor this is equivalent to the cruise ship having a pool that can fit 10 people, but the ship was oversold and carries 1000. And most of them want to use the pool. So the captain is asking people to spread around and use the other facilities, because the pool is over capacity. But it’s not the people’s fault the ship was designed with such a small pool, oversold their booking and now most customers can’t enjoy what they paid for.

More and more companies are starting to offer a subscription model to play a bundle of games. Under this model you are entitled to access to all games, not just some. Otherwise companies can sell you access to 20 games for $20/month, then disable 19 of the games and say “hey, those other 19 games are just a bonus, you still have Pong left to play”. Blizzard advertised that WoW subscription includes both BFA and Classic, starting Aug 13 2019. If you receive anything less for your money, you have full right to complain!


I wonder when people will stop crying. Even if Blizzard had done what you wanted, you would certainly have found a reason to complain


Not really. It was a luxury previously not granted to gauge the volume of people intending on playing and the demand required.

The only laughable thing about this post is someone subbed to just reserve a name