Pathetic move


Dude ure stupid… The name reservation was not a treat for us. It was a way of telling how big demand is.


I bought 3 accs to reserve names, would do it again. if you whine then you are either poor or mad that your beloved server is full and in high que on launch. but you even get the full experience of chilling in que, watching movies (:sunny:


I’m not gonna say what their ladies are.

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I don’t listen to laymen either when they try to “give advise” on my profession. Weird isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

No, you paid to get access to your account to do something you can only do on an active account. And you got it. So whats the problem? Did someone force you at gunpoint?

Do you usually have problems ignoring commercials and sale pitches?

Or perhaps you have an extremely limited understanding on what you are talking about here and no restraint whatsoever when it comes your wallet?


It is not fair to reserve names between 2 reservers, and 8. I had an information about, they made us think it was 2 servers instead of 8. Now its 8 and my 3 names are irrelevant on the bunch of realms

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I await the shill comments etc, however, they have not wanted to end up with dead servers and have done everything they can to avoid that.

They’ve added servers as things have filled up. I think it’s great that there are more players interested than they anticipated.

It’s clear some are unwilling to give up their reserved names on the original two servers and despite that the third PvP server also filled up fast. There will be a new influx of non reservers on the actual day/night too.

Now we have more servers announced again and the ability to create up to ten characters per realm (50 total across all realms) removing the ‘only reserving three per account’ restriction as of Monday evening. Personally I took this as a move to encourage those who have already reserved names to consider the other realms. They wont have to lose out if they can have a suitable name on both and if the queues are really really bad they may consider going with another server.

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Shill …

Considering using my full allocation of name reserves on Monday just because I can …. Creating an additional 94 characters would at least keep me occupied during the final launch countdown.


Maybe if you spend money in false products you are spending money without any sense


“Pay $7 to reserve your name 2 weeks early. If you did reserve it 2 weeks early, we’re going to force you to either migrate to a server where you lose your name, or sit in 12h que because we didn’t open enough servers”

Stop blindly defending blizzard for just 5 minutes, people have a right to be pissed about this bs.


Pretty much how it went down.
Noone can lie about it either because that’s the objective way it worked.


They will though, there’s guys here with Blizzard and Ion tats on their bum cheeks for god sake.

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Made me lol hard :laughing:

There’s also a curious yet profoundly disturbed part of me that wants to know what that looks like


I feel scammed as well. But seek comfort that I got to play the stress test, got my UI set up for launch now and can focus fully on leveling.

They should give everyone who reserved name, on the early realms, two weeks free game time!

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I think paying for names is even more pathetic


Well in that case I think buying clothes is pathetic who needs them they are only for noobs :laughing: iAmSuPeReDgY


I understand you can not appreciate your char names. But I do.


That sounds like it was entirely your fault

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I don’t understand the whiners at all. You demand new servers while not wanting to move when they actually make new servers cos they’ll be dead in a month. Do you think Blizzard doesn’t know that the hype will die hard? Do you really think running a successful business implies throwing away your resources at customers’ whims?

As for name reservations, I can understand people are pissed off. I don’t really get the amount of hate and rage, but Blizzard did actually make an ad on their site and Bnet launchers specifically mentioning name reservation. So they did drop the ball with that.


No. I really wanted to play under my vanilla names.


And who’s fault is that?