Pause the game in open world, with PvP off


Please introduce a “pause mode” even when fighting some world mobs.
Ok. If you go away, pause the game and someone comes and kill the mobs, it’s no problem: works as intended, but at least you don’t always find your char dead when you need to look away for few minutes from the PC.
You know Blizzard, we have a real world around us, that needs us from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

In every decent game you can leave your char unattended for 1 minute without finding it dead.

Whenever I leave my char in Zereth Mortis in air or on the ground, I find it dead and it’s a matter of seconds not minutes. I even find my rogue dead, even if it was in stealth …

I cannot even go open the door if someone rings and I’m in the middle of fighting some mobs and bang … when i come back, dead. i would like to be able to pause the game. If I don’t find the mobs when I come back, ok. I’ll wait for their re spawn.

Play Genshin, Elden Rings or whatever other title has success at the moment and see that every other game has a pause mode. I really need this in wow too, in open world of course.

Thanks for reading. Trolls are welcome to keep this post alive.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

Log out?

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Yeah i also wish they didn’t crap the entire zone with enemies absolutely everywhere

This is the best fix, its stupid, but log out and hope you don’t die within those 20 secounds by some random birb