[PCU] [Death Knight-Ebon RP - A&H] The Ebon Onslaught - A great threat

IC Introduction

The Ebon Blade is always present - no matter the war, no matter the conflict, no matter the threat - its Knights are always dispatched to deal with such problems. The very reason - the Ebon Onslaught was formed to deal with the incursion within the Frozen Wastes.
Led by Knight Soulbane - now Commander of the Onslaught, elected by her fellow Knights.
Now, with the world in danger and shaky alliances, the Ebon Onslaught is once again on the front with its Knights - free to do as they wish until they are called by the Ebon Blade or any officers of the unit.
The corps in itself is a ‘vanguard’ unit of the Ebon Blade. To secure grounds before a full-on assault of the brotherhood, shutting down a threat before it can flourish or simple scouting missions - there will always be something to do.

OOC Infos

The Ebon Onslaught is a cross-faction guild (both Horde and Alliance side - with only one different letter to keep the same name, of course) made for Death Knight RPers (Eb, just like any other member of the Ebon Hold or ‘potential’ Scourge players (See Q& A). The goal of the guild is to return this sphere of RP back in the fold without having it divided by mere factions. Thus, you will need Cross RP and some Elixir of Tongues will to RP with your fellow Knights! (Some will be stacked in both Guild Banks so no one has to spend any gold on it.)

Many will ask: What about other Ebon guilds? My answer is simple: those guilds are located on -one- side of the spectrum only. The Onslaught aims to not only accept any member of the RP community - but also to not be limited by either faction. Also, as we are still ‘allied’ with the Lich King - more than simple Death Knights will be allowed. Of course, necromancers, undead minions, and even initiates will be welcome within our ranks.

What do we seek to do with this guild? The answer is simple, as said previously - to get back such RP in the fold by adding a few things:

>Casual RP. Not only events. Something a player can look forward to. Not getting online just for the sake of an event. But getting online because they know they may have some RP. Sometimes, a simple mission, scouting, some freedom when they are not required, or simple training with or aiding a fellow Knight. You could even be training one of the initiates!

>Teaching. Many players, new and old are unsure about Death Knight RP and sometimes need guidance. Something the Onslaught will provide. Players that wish to learn will be more than welcome to be taught the basics and advanced lore and techniques of their new status and form. Such as raising the dead, reanimating a corpse, calling upon the winds of the north, or using the blood and flesh of your enemies.

>Meetings. We need to stay informed. We need to gather to know what everyone is up to and what everyone may expect. It is important to keep everyone in check. Both IC and OOC, these meetings will help players understand the position of the unit and their fellow Knights on a certain matter.

>Freedom. The Knights of the Onslaught are not chained to a singular duty. It is important those Knights feed their hunger and fight for what they believe, they are allowed to wage war alongside their former faction or even leave for a personal quest - until the unit calls upon them.

>Tournaments. Every once in a while, a tournament takes place only for the Knights of the Onslaught. The winner of the tournament becomes the Knight Champion of the unit until the next tournament. Each duel is done by emotes with a certain limited number of emotes and actions that are judged by their creativity and prowess in combat.

The Onslaught is at the moment based in Acherus most of the time with multiple camps around the world thanks to a recent campaign!

But, how does one join the Onslaught?

>OOCly, you may contact the officers by letter or through Discord/b.net!
IG - you may attempt to poke anyone that is online (watch out, the ‘l’ for the Alliance side is a capital ‘i’!) We will schedule an IC interview after an OOC one.


  • The Commander - the leader of the Onslaught. Taking most of the direct decisions which influence the unit while consulting the future Harbingers (officers) & most importantly the Captain (The second in command.) OOC and IC GM of both guilds.

  • The Captain - When the commander is absent, the Captain takes charge of the Onslaught. The word of the captain is equal to the word of the leader in this situation. Main officer OOCly (Alliance side).

  • Knight Champion - This rank does not grant authority - but it is the mark of a strong Knight. The Commander only may bestow the title of Knight-Champion to the winner, granting them a certain figure within the unit. One to beat, of course. At the beginning of a tournament, the winner of it earns the right to name themselves Knight Champion. Winning it grants certain rewards, depending on the performance and abilities shown.

  • Deathbringers - Officers: Above the Ravagers, the Deathbringers are those that some may call the ‘Elite of the Onslaught’. Not only they lead missions by themselves which the Onslaught considers as most important, recruit and represent what is best within the unit.

  • Ravagers - Hardened members of the Onslaught, they may bring in new recruits or lead little missions, such as scouting - skirmishes and such. They are to represent the Onslaught itself. They are above the Death Knights of the Unit. Veterans of the guild can earn this rank both ICly and OOCly depending on several criteria.

  • Death Knights - Nothing much to say about this rank - except that, of course, they may like any higher up to take a squire should an @Initiates need training!

  • Necromancers - They stand with the same level of authority of the Death Knights, of course - until they show what they are truly capable of.

  • Initiates - Recently raised, those Knights are often directed toward a Knight that can consider taking them as a squire. Doing so gives them the opportunity to train or be taken in a mission under their superior’s direct responsibility.


@Quartermaster: One person within the Onslaught is tasked to take over the management of our resources. That means Saronite and anything else that is considered useful. If you need anything, you are to ask this person! For now, and oddly enough, someone that is not a Knight has taken the mantle of the Quartermaster!

  • Archivist: The ‘librarian’ of the Onslaught. He knows about all our reports, all the previous reports of many missions. He holds the knowledge of the Blade, the Scourge, and the Onslaught. Since the creation of the Onslaught, Worlviuz is our Archivist!

  • Knight Instructor: As the name indicates, the Knight Instructor is the person initiates must refer themselves to. Said Knight will make sure to prepare trial, guide them, and get them up to shape!.. To see if they are worthy of becoming Knights. Our current instructor is Tarion!


Q: I have no idea how to RP a Death Knight! I am new to RP!

A: We’re here to help. Should you be willing to learn and listen, we’ll be glad to teach you everything we know to set you on the right path!

Q: I wish to fight for the Alliance during my free time!

A: Do as you wish, but you may not do so as a member of the Onslaught but as a member of the Alliance! Or the Horde if you are helping the Horde!

Q: I am secretly Scourge/Cult of the Damned. Can I still join?

A: Of course! After all, the Knights of the Ebon Blade are still ‘allied’ with the Scourge. But, you shouldn’t claim it highly. After all, if you take such a decision - it is because you have an idea in mind, don’t you? Just - be careful and clever!

Q: What about the consequences?

A: We will not force a character’s death upon you. It is in our duty to provide fun - for everyone. But, wounds, removed limbs, and such might be possible. Should you put yourself -willingly- in a deadly situation (exposed treason, jumping in the maw of a giant dragon without weapons or armor while eating watermelon and singing ‘Invincible’…) we might need to discuss what you accept or do not accept!

Thank you again for taking the time to read it. Should you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them!


This looks great

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It looks great, perhaps.
But -we- intend to make it great!

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A brilliant project by the lovely Sunbane, a trusted person who’s good at managing stuff, is friendly and has a good knowledge about these Stuff. Shame I can’t contribute to this idea myself.

Wish you best of luck my friend. :heart:

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Did you just call me… Sunbane?..
Cheers anyway, Kump!
May the Fo-… I mean, good luck!

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You heard me right, :sun_with_face: bane.

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Did someone say sun!?

All jokes aside though I can only wish the best for this sort of initiative, the RP sphere has been largely dominated by Alliance and Horde elements and whilst that isn’t a bad thing it has caused some down-swings in what variety one can hope to find!

For the Great Plan, you must persist!

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A discord has been added!

How intriguing.


You should join Velithar, I know how much you like to be in edgy communities/guilds.



That’s a very cool guild led by a very cool person. :slight_smile:


Looks interesting. I wish you guys best of luck.

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It is way too dark and edgy in here. We need some more Light!

Cracks knuckles

Good luck with it :smiley:


We are your Darkness, do not deny us!
Cheers still. :slight_smile:


Embrace the Grand Comedy of the Truth, in the end, we are all worth nothing.

(Good luck Ari)


(Thank you my love)

:triumph: Not real Scourge if they like EBON SCUM.

(Good luck <3)


Who knows… Some o-… I mean, what?

(Thanks! <3)

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Hey, good luck with this project.

Maybe we can play together sometime.

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We will! As a Death Knight, you should come to one of the next Ebon Blade meetings, that will be organized soon enough!