[PCU] Forsaken RP - The Rotgarde đź’€

(SindrĂ­) #159

Good enough, time to get there and open recreational parks for the vertically challenged.

(Hungarø) #160

[Rumors would quickly spread that Apprentice Akorus had to leave the Cleft of Shadow, another compartment can be seen at the portals room in Orgrimmar for him to occupy it. Authorized by Hungaro, he continues his job by opening portals to keep the link between Orgrimmar - Deathknell and Orgrimmar - Hammerfall]

(ChĂ­eun) #161

RIP Dreadbore, he’s just spare parts now. :skull:

(Sapbaron) #162

SIck guild :tada:

(Hungarø) #163

Another big character and another big image of the Rotgarde. RIP Lieutenant Dreadbore. Was great to have you.

And welcome Inquisitor Stonetower. Let’s go!

(Hungarø) #164

<Hungaro’s ghostly voice echoing through Orgrimmar in gutterspeak>
“It’s call to arms! Gather at me, we are moving soon to Arathi. This time bring something to wear for the snow! And be ready to spread MISERY on the living! For Sylvanas! For the Forsaken!”

<The Battlegroup Misery is still doing its daily duty in Arathi and seems this week it’s snowing a lot in the Basin! The Forsaken is taking advantage of that and the battlegroup was victorious in various waves.>

For the attention of High Command,

Report type: Arathi resource count, led by Hungaro and Skabb, Commanders of the Battlegroup Misery.

Two incursions into the Basin resulted in total Horde victory
All secured resources are turned to the war effort

Resources liberated:
•Lumber Count - Four crates of lumber.
•Ore Count - Six crates of ore.
•Scavenged Weaponry - Three longswords, one crossbow, two dozen short swords, one warhammer.
•Scavenged Armor - Four plate helms, three shirts of chainmail, five pairs of leather boots.
•Four Arathi Mustang Horses stolen from Alliance Stables.

Participants / members of the Battlegroup: Hungaro, Skabb, Luthor Adrovane, Lilly Blazepast, Denisha, Thaddeus Gossage, Reinhard Volckheim, Jane Bay, Grittlebone, Klaus Sidorovich, Vandis Ashenford, Sara Lee, Raven, T’zul, Sorgal, Amilia, Thandurel Highflame, Stanford, Jon Rackfeld, Henryk Marius, Bertov, Luciouz Dalton, Hughes Graves, Nylise Nightfire, and myself, Vaelin Chimes.

Vaelin Chimes

Hello, for those who don’t know yet, this is a daily event I’ve been running since the Arathi warfront came out. A very fun event for those who enjoy unrestricted rp pvp and for those who are online between morning time and 7pm, we do various waves depending on how many joins/leaves during the event. This is a battlegroup that contributes daily to the warfront by gathering resources at the Basin, we also do world pvp nearby Hammerfall. Any -Forsaken- is welcome despite guild. That being said, it is definitely a good oportunity for you to do the weekly brawl quest (Arathi Blizzard) In character. Let’s go!

Altough this is unrestricted, keep the communication IC, any kind of reports, base assaults, defending bases, etc.
Absolute no OOC speech in rp chats even inside the battleground!
Forsaken only.

(Lawson) #165

join the rotgarde if you want epic forsaken rp


And if you want a Lawson to congratulate :wink:

Seven Kingdoms!


Just stopping by this old thread to wish Lawson a happy birthday! :cake: :tada:

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I am beginning to think this lawson might be a phoenix.

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Good morning Deathknell! Daily patrol at Tirisfal, feel ree to join!

(SindrĂ­) #170

Current or past tirisfal?

(Hungarø) #171

Always current, although Hungaro is a Chronomancer, he knows about the rules of time magic.



I started to be really interested in Forsaken roleplay. I am still working on my character concept and I am uncertain about few things. Is it possible for me to contact one of you guys to talk and ask about some matters regarding the character? If so, is it possible to do that via discord? Thats because I will be away from house for about two weeks more.


Sure, I can happily talk you through things - Mittoo#2331


Och, probably my favourite rotters, laddie!

(Hungarø) #175

The Alliance attempted to reach the High Kingdom but they couldn’t even smell it! The Rotgarde melted them easily and we are back in Orgrimmar.
Wish to enlist in the military? The opportunity is now. Let’s go!

(Lawson) #176

no more playing around
it’s time to join the rotgarde

(Hungarø) #177

… And from the Seven Kingdoms… !


ONE EMPIRE!!! :skull: