[PCU/H-RP] The Bilgewater Cartel - Military, Merchants, Missions and Moolah! 💰

How come you guys are now hiring Forsaken?

Man, Goblins, recruiting for race diversity, and an Uncle!
This guild seems like they have it all!

In game there are example of Forsaken being in the Bilgewater Battalion such as Lieutenant Drex amongst other Forsaken and Orcs who can be found wearing Bilgewater colours. We have always recruited Forsaken and in fact we’re currently on a mission in the Howling Fjords where we’re in search of our longest serving member and one of our chief engineers Omer Gravenfield!

It’s always good to have a bit of racial diversity going on. However we do suggest that any Forsaken and Orcs joining the Battalion have the right kind of mindset to get along with us. So very much progressive Orcs, especially Blackrocks and such as well as more engineering and technology focused, mad scientist style Forsaken work very well alongside us Goblins and bring in some interesting interactions and ideas.

Beside, you have to take any edge you can find when you’re competing for research grants with those Honourbound goons nowadays!

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Oh…well I just got used to seeing Goblins all the time so was surprised at Forsaken coming in.

The 52nd Wildcards Division of the Bilgewater Battalion seem to have been spared the fate of the other units of the Stygian Legion who they once called allies. The Goblins of the Battalion were often overlooked by their allies and due to their different ways of doing things and conducting themselves they were frequently looked down upon or disregarded as well. Boomcranks attempts at proving her loyalty to the Horde under the Banshee Queen eventually broke her, and she left a legacy for Captain Trautfizzle which rang true. Since then the Battalion thrived on being overlooked, and it has played in their favour now as a contract with Gazlowes Grease Monkeys which was made in a hack-brained attempt at getting a chance to scrounge loot from Mechagon turned into a cooperation with the Gnomes. This ‘cooperation’, alongside their habit of taking prisoners and ultimately giving up and releasing them, proved that they were not as radical as many who worked for the Warchief.

Now, forging a new contract with Gazlowes Grease Monkeys in the wake of the war campaigns conclusion; the Battalion focus on securing their place during yet another uncertain period for the Horde. The economy is in chaos, Gallywix is nowhere to be found, Bilgewater assets are still under threat from enemies of Azeroth and Alliance either unaware or wilfully ignoring the end of the Fourth War and someone needs to make sure Orgrimmar is running by Gazlowes trading standards and adhering to the rules of the unions! There is even news of Trautfizzle buying shares in an alchemy lab down in the Cleft of Shadows for his Forsaken apothecaries, engineers and soldiers as well as his fellow dark magic wielders who may need a place to practice their craft!

Oh, and maybe we should let the Gnomes of The Arclight Association out of our holding cells too…

Either way, recruitment is OPEN! Whether you want to find a home for your shiny new model Goblin, a place for your progressive Orc to practice their craft or for your Forsaken, lost without their Queens edicts to find a new purpose, the Bilgewater Battalion wants YOU!


“Sir, the zeppelin was attacked as expected,” a scrawny Goblin intern plants a dark blue folder on his supervisor’s desk, “Apparently one of them was killed, but no casualties on our-”
“And the cargo?” the supervisor cuts the intern’s report short, bristling with frustration.
“All but five treasure chests were accounted for by the time the zeppelin made it to Thunder Bluff, sir. The attackers used a S.H.E.E.P to break into the inner vault. All things considered, five chests isn’t a lot…”

The supervisor slams a meaty fist on the table, knocking over a little pot of stationary, "The treasure chests in the inner vault were the most valuable, you oaf! Excessively-rich adventurers had already bid and won half of those items!
…Do you have any idea how much damage this could do to our economic reputation?!"

The intern couldn’t shrink back to the office door fast enough, determined to be anywhere but within the firing line of his boss’ outburst. Before he leaves, he hastily throws one last document onto the desk, rattling out one last detail of the attack before running.
“…They also stole Captain Trautfizzle, sir!”

In a dramatic turn of events which saw the gut-wrenching death of an ex-convict Snigsy, and which saw the treasury zeppelin go down in a ball of arcane flames, the heist Goblins narrowly escaped the scene with their lives and enough action house riches to barely justify the heavy costs they incurred!

Escaping to a waiting getaway team below, the criminals took Captain Trautfizzle hostage to protect themselves from the hail of gunfire and magical spells fired in their wake. For now they’ve hidden themselves within the Barrens, recovering and counting their profits.

It’ll only be a matter of time before the Battalion strikes back, and we are not prepared!

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I’m glad that the guild is going strong! Trautfizzle is a great guy, a capable GM and a true goblin enthusiast. Definitely can recommend giving him and the Battalion a go! :slight_smile:


The Bilgewater Battalion have endured much since Sylvanas Windrunner abandoned the Horde:

  • The Gnomes of the Arclight Association accidentally blew up the Secret Lab and caused our titan data orb to be split in half!
  • Letzy, and her Gnomish counterpart Bertel, succeeded in dropping us in trouble with Mechagon after they obliviously told the truth about the data orb causing twenty minutes of lies to be undone.
  • The great zeppelin heist resulted in a treasury zeppelin being robbed of priceless Mogu artifacts and left the Battalion leaderless as Captain Trautfizzle was kidnapped!
  • The Secret Lab was blown up again but by Gnomes who meant it this time and their Night Elf allies from the Dirge of Teldrassil and Assemblage of Uld.
  • An explosion rocked Bilgewater Harbour as the insurgents attacked and set off an experimental bomb, the Wildcards and their RC. M.O.D. being unprepared and leaderless, resulting in the death of many civilians and Apothecary Gloamford!

However, eventually we did end up partying at our Brewfest Bash, and on the same night we successfully rescued Captain Trautfizzle who as unsurprisingly too troublesome for the zeppelin hijackers to keep. The Battalion are getting their bearings and preparing for the future as another wave of paychecks rolls in tomorrow night and on Saturday we host our try outs!

Now’s a better time to enlist with the Battalion than ever as we find out what became of Trade Prince Gallywix and seek out the aid of unlikely allies!

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Another round of pay packets have been distributed and another group of Tryouts have been pitted against our current Wildcards and gave them enough of a run for their money to be granted the rank of Wildcards themselves. Our new Wildcards are:

  • Gerklin Goldstorm
  • Gruglur Firespeaker
  • Mazzly
  • Nimmle Nightfuse

New missions are up on our mission board and a whole new raft of Tryouts are striving to join the Wildcards. Things are going to get interesting, as this month certainly won’t fail to disappoint or get some people killed, as usual!


Returning from an expedition deep into the Netherstorm, the Battalion confuddled citizens of Orgrimmar by returning home wearing space suits and looking like they’d just been dragged through an airlock. Which we were!

After a long ride which put to the test just how willing the Battalion are to stick together and not just turn back and go home with minimal diplomatic incidents (except for when we ran through a harbourage slaughtering Draenei to get into the Blades Edge Mountains), the Battalion ended up aiding B.O.O.M. operatives and the consortium in the Netherstorm as we fought off void ethereals who turned out to be shooting down Bilgewater rocketry experiments for a reason we never managed to uncover due to being ushered out the moment we restored order in the crumbling region.

Were the Consortium hiding something? Were the Goblins of Area 52 unsettled by more than just the void? We don’t know (yet), but what I do know is that the Bilgewater Battalion is still recruiting. Please also check out the Bilgewater Harbour RP community which has been set up recently!


We are still recruiting all! You can often find us in Orgrimmar when we aren’t exploring Azeroth. Feel free to poke us IC or in whisper and we will be happy to welcome you in!


Big props to Letzy and Traut for organizing an awesome event down in the Harbour, on the hunt for Letzy’s irradiated hound Betzy!
In true Bilgewater fashion the 10,000g reward really was too good to be true, but sometimes the satisfaction of murdering zombified scientists, a two-headed helhound and a really big ugly worm is its own reward.


A local mechanic who will go by G had this to say about the nights events:

"IT’S ALL BURNING! Put it out! NO! Not the oil line! NO! THE RESTAURANT! All my effort! REDUCED TO AAAAAASH!"

A full inquiry and report of the damages will be provided to both the Battalion as well as the Bilgewater Internal affairs.


The Bilgewater Battalion will soon be departing for Uldum alongside the Arclight Association as we take chase against the Mechagon fanatics who seek to power up the Forge of Origination and achieve their late Kings goal! A lot of building work is to be done if we are to establish a forward base, but first we need to sneak past their defences aboard an unassuming vessel!

In the meantime, The Bilgewater Battalion are still recruiting Goblins, Forsaken and Orcs! Maybe your Goblin wants to make a bit of moolah with the military? How about a Forsaken, having lost their Queen, seeking a new purpose amongst the lively Goblins who will allow them to continue doing their work as they did before? And Orcs? Well, money’s a motivator, and who doesn’t like having brains AND brawn?

Join up today, for there are Vulpera and sweet sweet heritage armour on the horizon!


It’s safe to say that what started well went downhill fast for the Battalion during their joint efforts in Uldum alongside the Arclight Association. Letzy was frozen solid as soon as we arrived, we scoured the tomb of an obelisk and almost brought the entire structure down. Annoyed a sun god and made an escape by ATV just to find out that the Superintendent of Arclight HERSELF was mechanized and has been spying on us and helping us play right into the enemies hands against her will all along!

We need reinforcements, so join TODAY! (or tomorrow, or some time soon!)

Happy New Year everyone! And with a new year it’s high time that we welcomed some new faces to the Battalion, the Vulpera!

Yes, leading up to 8.3 we’re going to be doing some events in Vol’dun and Nazmir where the Battalion aid a group of Vulpera who had taken their caravan to carry supplies in aid of Talanji’s Expedition, only to never arrive at their destination. Zandalari soldiers nor the cunning Vulpera have managed to brave the swamps of Nazmir, so the Voldunai turn to us Bilgewaters and our technology to lend a hand in finding the lost caravan.

This will not only be our way of introducing the Vulpera to the concept of joining the Battalion and aiding the Bilgewater military, but we also have plenty of rogues on hand who can use the glyph of disguise to let you set up your Vulpera and get some early Vulpera RP in before 8.3, so that your character is already established when the patch drops!

We’re very much looking forward to the next few weeks of RP, between this expedition, Goblin heritage giving our Goblins some sweet armour and a bit of a rank reshuffle that we hope will give you and your character a sense of progression in our guild, but enough of that, here’s a bit of a guide to the Battalion and how your Vulpera can fit in:

Why should my Vulpera join the Bilgewater Battalion?

  • The Vulpera are a typically mercantile race just as the Goblins are, both races are intelligent and capable of surviving in harsh climates and places which other races wouldn’t usually inhabit. We also have the same model rigging which very much helps the concept of working alongside Goblins!
  • During multiple Voldunai quests, the Vulpera are shown to be interested by the Bilgewater Cartels methods and how reckless yet brutally efficient Goblin technology is. Bilgewater Goblins have also been shown to be operating on the coast alongside the Reliquary and doing archaeology just as the Vulpera do. Whether it is scavenging discarded Goblin tech or watching Goblin zeppelins, airships and giant robotic constructs roar over the sands; it’s easy to give your Vulpera a keen interest in the Bilgewater Cartel due to a fascination with our technology and the way the Goblins survive and prosper!
  • Also, don’t forget that the Bilge Rats are one of the most feared pirate crews on the seas around Kul Tiras. Not all Vulpera chose to continue to struggle to survive on the dunes of Vol’dun, and people such as Captain Eudora and her crew synergize with the cutthroat, big weapon toting style of Goblins more than anyone! Bilge Rats Rule!

What role my Vulpera play in the Bilgewater Battalion?

The Vulpera, if you look at them, actually have exactly the same set of classes as Goblins due to their entire rigging being based on Goblin models; your Vulpera could fulfil any role in the Battalion just as well as us Goblins do, but here are a few specific, interesting plothooks:

  • Vulpera scavenge whatever they can to survive, and technology is no exception; your Vulpera could join in as a scavenger and fighter for the Battalion due to either gaining an interest in Goblin technology or just being lured in by the concept of being PAID to scavenge!
  • Between environmental engineers and various technologies, the Goblins have dominated the dunes of Tanaris and bunkered down in the frigid cold of Winterspring and the Storm Peaks. There is a lot for a Vulpera to learn about new ways to survive from Goblins and their allies, as well as our unique means of manipulating the arcane and the elements to work in our advantage which goes well with the Vulpera mindset.
  • Also, don’t forget that the Captain is a warlock! If you’re looking for your Vulpera to become invested in the dark arts of warlockery or even necromancy, Captain Trautfizzle is your guy, he’ll teach anyone, as long as they can pay up with coin or by working for the Battalion…

We hope to see you, whether you join us as a Goblin, VULPERA, Orc or Forsaken before or during 8.3!


I was kicking around an idea for my Vulpera and how he’d find himself on Horde lands. Thought I might ask if you’d be up for me including you in to my Vulpera’s story, so to speak.

Basically could I hang with you on my soon-to-be Vulpera and his Roleplay story?

What are the general activity patterns of the battalion these days? By this I mean are there specific days or times you’re more active, and where?

I ask because I have a few goblin characters and whilst I don’t RP on all of them, some of them I do, and I wouldn’t mind investigating something more structured.

Thing is I’m a “part time” RPer as I’m fairly active in mythic+ most weekdays but not so much weekends.

Anyone’s welcome to join in! We’ll likely be setting off next week and will be on our little expedition over the weekend; looking forward to seeing you in Vol’dun/Nazmir!

I’m currently doing my Masters degree so on some nights I’m not on, but various events are on sporadically throughout the week depending on when guild members put them up, but major guild events are always on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays- we’d love to have you along for the ride!

I’ll be making a Vulpera when the patch hits, so not gonna be joining that time. But I will track you down around more domestic locales

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