Penalty for low skill players who joining high keys

we need a penalty for low skill players who joining high keys as well too
because guys joining doing 40-50k dps in 410+ gear, and they joining 17-19 keys and absolutely destroying this bracket, i would say its much more important problem than toxic leavers


You can’t penalize people for simply playing the game. If you can’t handle PUGing then don’t PUG.


But then also don’t complain about leavers! Since when a post about leavers is opened, almost everyone is agreeing, but when people with 0 dungeon knowledge mess up a +12, then we need to shut it?

I agree fully with poster! Doesn’t mean people need to be perfect (for me), but if they really have 0 knowledge, then dont cry if people leave! This goes both ways!

I don’t complain about leavers. People who leave just to grief should be punished but proving that is hard and generally people shouldn’t be held hostage in keys because they fear a penalty. If you don’t want leavers at all don’t PUG.

Blizzard should just acknowledge the depletion mechanic creates toxicity and remove it.

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We need people with social skills that can build a network of like minded and equally skilled players.


True and real all the problems are related to pugging.

Since when is 50k dps not enouogh for 17 keys?

I know, right - perhaps we could come up with a new name like, oh i dunno ‘Guilds’ ‘Communities’ or even shock horror ‘friends list’ mind blowing isn’t it??

It’s a game not a prison. More fun instead of a punishing experience would be good.

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