People are leaving

People are leaving everyday. What is Blizzard doing to fix the situation?

Currently shadowlands wow feels like chore, with very little fun in it. This removed the joy of logging in for many people.

Classes are not balanced, although they are improved from BFA.

The classic-style loot system in retail is not rewarding at all!

I really hope that when 9.1 comes the situation will be better. It’s sad to see the game in this state.


Well, people always leave when the content is done. But people are joining everyday too, didn’t one of your friends just joined the game?


Just remove anything performance-enhancing related to the covenants! (Press the big red button and wipe it all, since it became exactly what everyone knew it would become!) This or that is better for this or that spec, but I wanna play this spec and that covenant etc! You play something you do not ACTUALLY like because of profit… like any Orc Male Monk/Fire Mage in PvP!


Happens every expansion.

You simply can’t please all the people all the time. What do you want them to do?

Fun is subjective, I am still enjoying this expansion and just because you aren’t doesn’t mean everyone feels like you do. Again you can’t please all the people all the time.

Again you can’t please all the people all the time.

They never have been, it’s an ongoing thing trying to balance them;

It’s mentioned in that interview from 9 days ago.

Refer to the interview above, they are working on changes but we probably won’t see those changes this patch.

Back to this one, well they are aware of peoples issues and it looks like they are working on some changes we just need to be patient and accept that these things don’t happen over night.

And always remember you can’t please all the people all the time, these forums are a small minority of the actual playerbase and those who do enjoy the game are happily playing not whinging here and coming up with randomly weird conspiracy theories about other posters.


Yeah feels bad…Everyone has quit wow that I know…Just 3 friends that play really casually now…

Feels bad, I miss playing with my friends :frowning:


Ok little one

You can always level toons, Boralus is crowded atm, at least on my server. Lots of peeps questing in BfA.

To be fair he never played wow before lol.

But good point. I’m just saying most the people I know left. And I’m seeing a I quit post everyday on the forums and sometimes on Reddit too. I quit myself but my sub runs out on 26th

True true

I can understand that, I’m not particularly active this expansion myself. Other than levelling with friends, I have done nothing in the last few weeks. I’m moderately interested in finishing the renown grind though to get flying when it arrives. Other than that, I’ll probably just continue to level alts.

I think that is pretty normal, people that are unhappy tend to complain when they leave. I’m not convinced it’s worst than other expansions, although I will concede this expansion has some real problems. Not being very active myself (not in any guild or community) perhaps I’m just not seeing this player shedding happening in game. In the forums I don’t think it’s any worst than it was.

Hmmm Good point

It’s quite simple, you can’t please everyone. There’s always going to be something that some people don’t like but others do. This game will never be perfect but I genuinely believe they’re trying their best to make Shadowlands an enjoyable expansion. I’ve got friends that hate it and others, like me, enjoy it.
This happens every expansion. People sub when the new expansion gets released, play it for a couple of months, do most of the content that’s been released then unsub and come back when a new big patch is out. It’s always been like this and it always will be.
I try to enjoy every little thing this game has to offer. When I’m “done” with most of the content that’s been released so far I’ll just try to do something else. Maybe try to farm a mount that I’ve always wanted, maybe I’ll try to get some of the older achievements from older expansions that I never could. But I do understand that this mentality that I have is not for everyone but I do hope they make some changes that make this expansion more enjoyable for everyone that’s not enjoying it thus far, but don’t forget that they won’t be able please everyone and that ,the changes that they make, might be great for other people and not that great to you.


The game is in no way living up to the hype. You can’t get less ppl then bfa, so numbers are always better right now (not good, they were not good since LichKing).
It’s like that blizzard ppl go to big activioson :" see we got 30% more aktive time in Sl then we had in bfa!" That means the stokholder is happy. That the more aktive time comes from bots and less ppl no one cares, blizzard did not stop looking after active subs for no reason. The numbers where just bad…

This patch is getting pretty old tbh now. I’m even going to be having a break in a few weeks to wait for next patch to come as I’ve been playing pretty actively since release. Which is what 2 months since release?

Not that I hate the game though, just I feel satisfied with my progress and don’t want to be burnt out for 9.1.

this expansion feels so extremel tiny compared to other expansion. only 4 (but tiny zones and everything was timegated despite having only a small story line. no new bgs for pvp like ussually and pvers seem pretty disgruntled by their lack of gear. On top of that blizz is doing nothing against bots and multiboxxers wich are infesting the game everywhere.

How was this game delayed for a while and still basicly is so bare bones. IDK what patch 9.1 is going to be. But it should have been part of the expansion on launch because the base expansion is so laughable tiny


They nerfed convoke in PVP, like its VERY balanced in PVE. OMEGALUL :rofl:

What makes you think they quit for reasons Blizzard can fix? What if they quit because they had a baby? What if they are too busy working overtime in hospitals with corona? What if they lose their job and can’t afford a sub?

Is Blizzard ment to fix all this?

Also love your pessimistic attitude on your friend joining the game. “Yeah but he has never played before lol” and? Is that a bad thing? Are you assuming he will quit soon aswell?


Nothing yet. Let’s hope we will hear some good plans at Blizzconline at the latest. But honestly; this slow cooker way of presenting the game is a mistake. Legion had a damn near perfect patch cycle.


Classic = 2 items per boss for 40 players. This isnt classic loot system.

Loot isnt issue. Issue is actualy pretty simple. Players alredy consumed entire wow content so they quit.


Is that a serious example-answer?
People dont need gear to complete mythic in classic neither high keys, they just 1shot the raid once it comes out.

Classic is classic and has nothing to do with Retail, its like comparing arcanoid with WoW just because they are both games :upside_down_face:


I agree. People can leave for multiple reasons. If we ignore real life stuff like(job trouble, new baby, moving on and etc.) and just focus on game related stuff.
Then people can leave simply cause they want to “close their WoW chapter” in their life as well. If WoW doesnt close down first…but I am 99% sure that I will eventually reach the point when I just stand up and say “WoW…its been a pleasure. But its time for me to move on” and leave. We all eventually tire of that video game…

Other issues can be controversial as well. Say that John A hates feature X but Jane B likes feature X. John A threatens to leave unless Blizzard fixes it to John’s liking. Ok Blizzard does that. Now Jane B is not happy cause feature X in her view has been broken and threatens to leave. And Blizz is back at square 1. Now what? :smiley:
You can’t please everyone. And if you try…then what I like, you may hate. What you like, I may hate and etc. Its impossible to please absolutely everyone.