People are toxic as hell


No no, i was 2k6 in 2vs2 arena in WOTLK as Feral/DPriest . :slight_smile: I was toxic as hell, yelling on my mate when he died and he did the same thing on me sometime lol. But i was rank ~5 on my battlegroup. Since PvP is dead now, i don’t do it.


Yeah, transmog can be an important reason to hold onto a drop even if the stats suck. In legion, as a warlock i got really pretty shoulder armor with purple angel wings on it. I got a couple of whispers from people in the LFG raid with me, but I had to decline because I knew I likely would never see those lovely winged cloth armor again.


Well I guess I was wrong you will be Gucci in PvP then sometimes you need to act like a drill sergeant in order for people to preform better but be careful don’t overdo it,it can tilt people and they can kick or report you.


You should not be upset if people do not want to trade.

Just as you are trying to optimize your gear / crafting possibilities, they are as well.

Drops are scarce for all.

Try running a mythic Tomb of Sargeras in a pug as a paladin. Every time a Radiant Lightbringer item or reskin drop, every other paladin in the raid immediately whispers you asking if they can have it.

Best to do then is to not to trade immediately, but rather wait till the end to actually trade, as in exchanging both ways. I got a second boots and another paladin got a second shoulder. Both of different bosses. At the end we exchange drops. Beneficial for both.

I initially tried to explain this when getting whispers, but the feedback was crazy with one dude wishing me a terminal illness.

Crazy man. If I can give someone an item for free at the end of a raid / dungeon, I will. But cussing me if I don’t do it right after a boss (taking in mind that I got 5 whispers in a second) is not on.

Need something, play more.


There is no punishment for selfishness in the game, thanks to the direction Blizzard has chosen. That’s why we have such an elitist trashy community.

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Hold up, you can’t seriously be calling it “toxic” if someone wants to recycle Azerite armor pieces?

You’re so toxic, selfish and ignorant. Please read what the very basic everyday function of recycling Azerite armor in the scrapper does.
You get a currency and when you have enough of this currency, you can buy specific pieces of Azerite gear that you need. So yes, most people need every single Azerite piece they get, even if they’re not going to wear it.

Stop being a toxic little bully, other people in mmorpgs are not playing the game FOR you. Your attitude is awful and clearly shows that you think everyone exists to serve you. Other people are not bots, treat them like human beings please.

People like you are the reason I installed Decliner and hid all whispers from non-friends. I got sick of being verbally abused by people who think it’s a crime for me to upgrade my gear. So now even the legitimate nice players can’t whisper me, and it’s all thanks to toxicity from people exactly like you. :laughing:

Leaving in hysterics when someone doesn’t need an item and still refuses to give it to you isn’t much better. Happens all the time, and all I think when I see it is “wow, what a dramatic hissy fit, and trying to punish the whole group by leaving? lmao what a jerk, just replace them and move on”. Not to mention that if you’re doing content that drops such massive upgrades for you, aren’t you being a bit carried? Can’t really feel entitled to gear if you’re not contributing much… If it’s just a high lucky Titanforge, the person is probably swarmed with whispers. I know I’ve had almost an entire raid whisper me (when I still had whispers visible) and I wasn’t sure if I responded to everyone because my chat got essentially spammed. Hard to see your whisper in all the 21 other people’s spam saying the exact same thing. :confounded: Did any of those think about what it’s like for me? No, just “gimme my gear random person in raid or you’re toxic” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I mean, yikes.

TL;DR: No. And you’re the toxic one. :confused:

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Was doing Kings rest 0 last night for the mount and had a lower demon hunter open up trade everytime i got loot without saying anything, got me pretty annoyed.
Stuff like that will make me start keeping my loot for myself since i’m giving up on resources i want when scrapping etc to be nice to a stranger i will never see again.

People could at least be polite and ask nicely for loot and say thank you :unamused:

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The idea is that you think you’re entitled to get the item because it’s an upgrade for you. I also check what other people get, but unless someone is offering the item on a roll, I don’t go out of my way to ask them for it. It’s their loot, they had luck and I didn’t. It happens. You don’t NEED to get every loot in the instance because it just so happens to be an upgrade FOR YOU, maybe it’s an upgrade for them too or maybe they need it for something else. Who knows, it’s their business what they do with it, it’s their loot, better luck next time.

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I hate being spammed by beggars. If i want to part with a piece of loot ill tell people to roll for it. Spamming me with /w reduces your chance by 100% of getting said item. Begging is annoying.

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If i pug i have a /dnd notice running autmatically responding on whispers saying “if you want my loot wait until i roll it out. Whispers will be ignored entirely”. Having whispers open in an hidden seperate chat tab makes it also more enjoyable.


The person who dropped the Loot has the final say in what happens to the piece if they do not needed.

Whispering once is fine as its common cutersy and no effort to respond with a declination. You are a bit of a git if you cant reply with a simple “no” and tie up the conersation there. Leaving someone hanging has a high chance to lead to “they mustn’t of heard me” style pester whispers.

That all said though, people desperately need to exert some common sense. Pestering someone multiple times when they’ve said no is also being a bit of a git! Whats your plan? Whittle them down? Begging like that is just trying to be manipulative! ^^


Let’s say we paid for the lottery ticket together and I walk away with the reward, when you ask if you could have a part of the reward and I would burn it in front of your eyes would you think that’s fair?


gotta love that fast disenchanting.
Loot drops.
“Can l please have that staff? its better than mine.”
item turned into dust
“yeah l’m sure you don’t wield dust.”
“You disenchanted it already?! You just got it!”


Mmm, I don’t think it’s a fair analogy, what you’re saying is like ninjaing an item from a friend, it’s a random we’re talking about here, who you have nothing to do with, and you’re not even ninja rolling on his item, personal loot removed these disputes, the loot could as well be hidden from you: you got this, he got this other, shouldn’t matter what each gets, it wouldn’t if it weren’t for this trading option, which apparently (from the behaviour of people who demand items) seems to cause more harm than good.


People are toxic, but also it’s their loot, they can do with it as they please. To be honest, personally we find the beggars just as toxic as the rude ones.
And yes sometimes the questions do pile up fast. While some people actually still try to do their proffesions so they do need it for the grinder.


Why is it not a fair analogy? You both worked together(buying the ticket together) to kill the boss(to try to win the loot/money), yet because he got the loot(prize) he is 100% entitled to the price and can do with it what he wants…? He could destroy the item or disenchant it and there’s nothing toxic about it? That just sounds off to me personally.


Imagine throwing a real-life item in the garbage, that someone can use and need. This person who can use it is at 5-yard from you and asking you to give him the item because he can use it and he need it, but you prefer to put it in a garbage or resell it to tradeseller for 20 cents.

Imagine being that’s person and saying : “My Item, My Rule”.

That person will likely take you a life lesson if you are like that.


Exactly, and that person actually worked just as hard as you to try and acquire that item. But because a random number generator gave you that item you can just burn it and laugh in their face. Extremely toxic actually.


All of theses people who posted in this thread and are mindless people who say “My Items, My Rules. I do what i want” are the same people who can own a food-market in real-life, and put obsolete food from 1-day in closed & locked garbage because they don’t want homeless people to take it.

And you know what ? They are toxic and stupid. I have no others words to describe them.


Vendor selling it helps us with the small coin, like all the small coins pile up to the big buck. We and you both worked to down a boss, rng happened to give us loot but not you. Sucks to be you, but you have no right to the loot of others.