People are toxic as hell


You guys really need to look up what toxicity in gaming really is :woman_facepalming:


log on alts to upvote own posts :rofl::rofl:


Its their gear - it dropped for them. You have no right to expect it to be given to you.

Only ever appreciate kindness; never expect it.

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Its toxic because such behavior turns other people into doing same and it escalates and escalates. Next time OP due to frustration won’t trade his items to someone else, then that someone else alsowon’t trade but rather vendor and in the end the day will come when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the age of Men comes crashing down.
It leads to vicious neverending cycle of selfish behavior.

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Plays retail…calls people playing retail retarded.


Yea logic is lost there.


And what are the origins in your theory?
If people minded their own business then your “vicious cycle” wouln’t even start in the first place…


wouldnt surprise me if he was toxic to these people aswell ingame if they didnt hand him the loot (they needed) instantly


It leads to a never ending cycle of personal loot.

What do you expect when you play with players you prob never see again? Their gain does NOTHING to you. So why not gain 2k TR instead?


There’s multiple sort of toxicity. Toxicity on WoW is not the same as CSGO/League Of Legends/Fortnite.

What i call “toxic” is an anti-social behavior. Do you remember WoW in an MMORPG ?

Here, I corrected it for you.

I forgot to mention mog, this is a 3rd reason to not trade a loot.

Scrapping is not a valid reason. You can farm non-430 Azerith if necessary.

If someone die on all boss, he will be likely kicked by raid leader so it’s not a problem and if he’s not kicked, doesn’t giving a loot because someone is dead is anti-social (you know, there’s a lot of new players in this game and some of them will be considered “bad” for a while, accept it and let them doesn’t trigger you).

If you don’t like to be spam, just call people to NOT whisp you for a loot before the raid start. Sadly for you, there’s a great chance you will be kicked by raid leader because sharing loot is a common sense and anti-social behavior should be eradicated from the game.

Oh my god you got 5 whisp it’s so hard to respond to people :wink: .

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How is asking someone who has same trinket if he needs it and if he is willing to trade it “greed”? Raiding depends on cooperation, you work as a team to down a boss. You should work as a team to share spoils.


It is still not being toxic, if you wan’t to keep -your- loot for yourself. Toxic is the escallated reaction to this and the refusal to face realities and take no for an answer.
Because someone want’s to keep their own… O-W-N loot, it is still not toxic. Not even if they ignore trade requests. (Unless they are in a guild with loot policy, but that’s a different context). It’s not even toxic of them if it causes the reaction you described.

The player -choosing- to behave like that, is and will always be the toxic one.


It is a valid reason. Even vendoring is a valid reason. You just have to accept that.


If he has not offered it for a roll in chat. Maybe he has “reserved” it for a friend.

If he has not offered it willingly, then you must “force the issue”?


As I mentioned before. Its a PUG run. Not a guildy run(where you work as a team). While I would compare a guildy run “as soldiers who have sworn their loyalty towards the common cause” then pugs are “merchenaries”. They dont care whom they fight or the reason behind it. All they care is the “pay”(aka the loot).


Sais who? You? Blizzard implimented scrapping and there is no law saying that people cannot use it lol.
People need/hope for some items from the scrapping and like everything else in WoW, also here they are bound by heavy RNG. I see no where in ToS that you are not allowed to spend your own loot in the scrapping mashine = scrapping IS a valid reason.
And once again, what is it to you. IT IS NOT YOUR LOOT. They can do with it what they please.

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However as you can see from OP guy was asked why he doesn’t wanna trade trinket as he got same. His response was “i never trade gear” which is clearly selfish and toxic attitude.


Yeah, bad behavior is good reason to. After all, 2000 Residuum is more worth than enjoying people and yourself to be pleasant.


And that is his right, bless PL. Nothing toxic about that.


it is not bad behavior. We will talk again when you need 1800 TR for your next 445 piece and you get a 430. You get 2000 for scrapping it, so you immediately upgrade because of scrapping the piece. I am at the moment less than 3000 away from my 3rd 445.


It is still wrong.
That player responded, and was frank without being rude (Without knowing the story and assuming that it was literally what he said). That is not toxic. It can never be toxic to wanting to keep what is yours.

Toxic is the behaviour we see from the OP