People kicking innocent players in Korraks

There is no vote to kick in bgs never has been.


But I wasn’t afk or in pre made so how did they kick then?

Like i said people report you afk . The system after enough reports warns you to move or perform an action else you are removed.


People were trying to kick me for (successfully) defending towers. When a rogue was stealth capping frostwolf towers I didn’t even dare go back for risk of being kicked. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Edit: You only need 5 people reporting. So if there’s a 5 man premade with bad intentions they can flag whoever they want.


You cant be vote kicked
All they can do is mass report you afk.
Even then if you are moving the timer wount kick in.

Yes. Kick by fake reporting afk. That’s what I said. I agree that there’s no actual ‘vote to kick because >reason<’ but people are abusing the heck out of report afk. And let’s be honest. 5 reports for afk is hardly ‘en masse’.


Can confirm, AFKers mass kicking anybody who breathes the word “X is AFK”.
Its that or there is a community group that makes them queue en-masse and are warned to kick anybody that will threatened their leveling. tinfoil hat

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Im sorry but you are wrong .

There is no kick
There is only mass report afk .
If you are moving you have nothing to fear simple as.

Yes. Please read. Laineth and I are agreeing that there is no vote to kick. People are abusing report afk like the op said whenever someone is in base or defending tower. OR complaining about the people abusing this system to afk.

While it is true that you can remove the inactive debuff you still have to find some player to slap to remove it. If you’re defending a tower or tp’d to base to hand in quests you’re going to have to get very lucky to find something to slap.

That’s what we’re about. So please read or don’t bother replying anything that is just you saying there is no kick.

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You dont need to slap a player at all .

You have to engage pvp combat. Have you seen any guards down in frostwolf? Honestly it’s not that hard. If you’re not at IB you have to race to make that timer or chance upon a non stealth player sneaking their way south.

Slapping a wolf or goat does not count as pvp combat.

Its getting really out of hand lately, kick this flame that its just turned into Korraks Kick fest, i Just got out of a game of KV where alliance should of won, but some paladin tank comes in and intentionally taunts drek’thar with 21% and pulls him out of the room to reset him and about 1 min later horde wins lol

The people who are afk avoid the kick anyway by using certain toys like Turnip Punching Bag and other items to avoid the reports.

So all this system does is hurt the players actually playing the game and the cheaters still avoid punishment.


I wasn’t kicked, but I remember when the event started, I joined mid fight. I was on my mount near the base and some guy randomly came to me and started harassing me for no reason, telling me I’m a w***e and kept whispering me while I was leaving the northern part. Just because I just joined the match and he thought I was questing. Even if I was, I had all the right as everyone else who joined for a mount. I reported him and I wonder if he was contacted by Blizzard later…


Usually a good way to deal with them in that situation is by saying:
“Dude, I just joined. Leave me alone and let me do the BG.”
If he continues, just put him on ignore and report.

The fact that people are now mistaking freshly joined people in the BG, is a good indicator that Korrak is infested by AFKers.

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yes you do, npcs dont count and you’ll still get kicked even if you move around

Npcs do just not the animals . Unless its been changed soley for this BG which i doubt.

they don’t

seen it happen plenty of times

Im sorry its 1:30 in the morning im not getting into a debate if npcs do or dont yet toys work or dont believe w/e you want i have slapped them before and it worked for me goodnight.

whatever you say, because youre always right… in your mind :wink:

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