People leaving m+ group

man i wish we could just turn off chat in pugs. people talking always lead to someone getting angry over nothing and leaving.

had a tank and healer in my group that just could not stop talking, eventually the healer left.
now i wanted to at least report him for gameplay sabotage, but blizzard will not let me?!

why cant i report people for gameplay sabotage when they leave the group mid run?

i think people should be able to get at least a 24h ban if they leave a group that is still on time.

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Use google or something, this has been done to death.

Yea, you’re angry. No need to make dumb kneejerk ideas to compensate.

no 1 ask u

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First ever post without spelling mistakes. Many grats.

I’ve had hundreds of keys rip cus of people leaving or someone disagreeing with the route mid run or someone pulled an extra pack… i wouldn’t worry about “gameplay sabotage”, Blizzard are already sabotaging us anyway, Pay box price, monthly sub, over priced in-game services (realm transfer,name change,faction change…etc) and most importantly WoW tokens. The last thing blizzard care about is someone leaving a key


we have an option to change the tab or in my case I use a macro to hide the whole chat tab.

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