People that leave M+ should be temp banned

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No they shouldn’t and naming and shaming is against forum conduct for a good reason.


leaving a m+ group with an active key might be a d move but it isnt against the rules. naming and shaming on the other hand, is. i d suggest you remove that name.


I don’t blame them. If you have a leave on your rio page people don’t invite you to dungeons, no matter what your excuse is. If you want this to stop you have to combat the issue at the root. People leave because they are scared they won’t get invited to runs or raids anymore because of a leave on their rio page and not because they are bad people.

i highly doubt that.

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Please don’t respond to me anymore. I checked and you are literally never ingame even though you are always active on the forum. This forum is to discuss the actual game and not for you to sate your craving for social interaction. On every thread you literally do nothing more than enter it and comment a troll post usually just disagreeing with the OP no matter the topic. Can you honestly just go away and do something useful with your time than fish for likes so you can feel good about yourself? I checked your post history and you never contribute. You’re just a forum regular who spams because you know people here will always upvote forum regulars.


Give us more names gnomee

at least i made it to level 120 with my forum account character :woman_shrugging: many dont. i was interesting enough to make you check me out though, so there is that. :grin:

so…what have you contributed to the greater good for this forum? havent seen anything exceptionally constructive of your part only some cheese and a lil whine so far.

its kinda funny how you get catty and insulting when your opinions are challenged. :joy:


The irony of making this kind of post from a character that currently can’t be found on armory (i’m too lazy to check the guild for anyone with a matching amount of achievement points and achievement dates).

You’re also dead wrong on the point of:

It serves the purpose of both social interaction and discussing the game in the process, with certain degrees of topic derailing and off-topic chatting being unavoidable.
Do go on though. Posters taking issues with others do make for alright entertainment on occasion.



i think he seems like a very reasonable and intelligent person. his own posts and character are things we should all be in awe of


you are right, he/she is a real delight.




The only person who can get in trouble here is you for “naming and shaming”. Regardless of your intention or feelings on the issue, adding their name(s) is a no-no, so you’d be better off editing your post to complain about leavers in general than spesific ones.


Can you translate please ?

Looking forward to you screaming that the system you wanted implemented is now bad because you dc’ed during a m+ and received a temp ban…


omg this is so unfair, who designed this system?! They need to fix it so I don’t get banned just because of bad servers


The reason people have forum alts is mostly because TL3 is bound to name-server. My main used to be Kyrel on Draenor, for example, and when I transfered, I created this character to keep the post history, the notifications, and the trust level. It doesn’t mean that the character someone posts on is automatically the main.


So you only want to talk with people who agree with your false statement, how convenient.

OP: leaving keys is not against any rules and it will never be punished, if you don’t want leavers then join a guild, solved.


yeah, just aquired my tl3. wished there was an option to attach a main to our profile.