People who faction change to Alliance are going to be disappointed

Prepare your 25€, because you’re going back to the Horde as soon as Blizzard decide to ditch this specific trinket set bonus whenever they feel like it, and Orc becomes the correct choice once again.

It’s inevitable. They just can’t seem to stick to one game design philosophy for more than two seasons.

Don’t waste your money and stay Orc, the Alliance hype train is bound to crash eventually.

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Jokes on you i wouldn’t play horde and orc even if they had 50% stun duration reduced.


I mean… Orc dominated PvP for quite a while, until the EMFH racial became top dog, and that remained unchanged until Legion, and then Orc ruled until now.

Sure, it goes back and forth, but as far as racials are concerned then they haven’t really been quick on changing what’s best in PvP.

No, but they have been quick at changing how gearing and tier set bonuses work.

Simple solution is disable the racials.


I agree.
Disable them in ranked PvP, at least.

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Alliance character models are better.

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Zandalari Troll is the best.

I really like Draenei female :joy: but I also think no race compares to human female for casting animations.

No. I don’t care about racials. Faction changing for such things are a no-go for me :fist:t3:

who hurt you? :c

Why? I would play Zandalari Troll id warlock would be a thing.

zandalari just looks cringe imo xD

I like them, only thing which could be better is the option to transmog shoes.


This tier set bonus was the indirect way to nerf orc without “nerfing it” per se. Very elegant in fact.

I don’t think they’ll change their mind any time soon as less cc duration will be warmly received by pvp players as a whole.

Agree. IDK why they still pretend caring about racial lore when cowman can steal and bloodelf was physically strong enough to be a warrior

Don’t you like double-toed feet?!

Blasphemy! Are you saying a skinny belf can’t hold a big 2-handed weapon with just 1 hand?! They’ve clearly got talent for it! (Pun intended, although I guess it isn’t a talent anymore…)

Bloodelf, without warrior was stupid to begin with. They could be pala but not warrior?

Not always, depends on the mogg.

I recall their explanation was that Belf were too addicted into magic making themselves too weak to be a warrior.
Pal plays light trick so I gave it a pass