People's future plans?

with the massive population explosion in classic era i wonder…

are people playing era for the long run with the intent to stay? or

are people playing era to wipe away the rust ready for fresh / SOM2, getting back into the classic mindset to jump straight into a fresh adventure, a waiting room?

please share your plans, dont be shy.


I wanted to play since Era was announced (start of TBC), but the servers were literally dead at the start. Now that the servers are populated it’s fun to play. If people leave I will too. So I dunno about the future. I feel like it’s in Blizzards hands more than ours. They can advertise, and hype up something new. Let’s see what they do with Classic moving forwards.


Plans? No plans!

I recently rejoined Classic Era, after Dragonflight’s honeymoon period ended and WOTLK Classic became boring. I hate planning in game and shedules, whether it’s dungeons, raids or M+. No minmaxing, no gogogo mentality for me.

I’ll just stay in Classic, enjoying the journey - this is what Classic is about. Since it’s a long road ahead to 60, level40 mount, hundreds of quests… it will keep me busy for the next month.

Or it may not keep me busy. I don’t care.

It’s a computer game, and I want to treat it as a computer game. As soon as I talk about plans, chores, it turns into work and stops being fun.


I play less now. Too many people play on my realm. No fun. I like play Classic for ever, but less people or more realms.
I also want play Wrath again. Get all achievements.
Just enjoy playing. It is up and down like anything is. Right now, down, later I hope up again. Just I hope Classic Era stay forever and Wrath Era too.

PS. Why so many play Classic Era now?

Retail and wrath are not in best shape


My plan is to stay in Classic Era indefinitely.

If pop explodes like now, we will have to deal with all the toxicity it brings but also enjoy all the positives it provides us with.

If for a period of time pop recedes (SoM launch, new fresh) then enjoy the tighter community and work for it to stay as lively as possible.


Classic Era is the way! This is awesome :smiley:


I’ll stay on Era indefinitely as well. I got all I wanted in Classic, so now it’s time to enjoy it!


I returned to playing Classic because, for me, it’s the best version of the game. I didn’t enjoy WoTLK much, even at the time, and as for retail… well, let’s not even go there.

So, now that there’s a resurgence in players, I’m taking advantage of it. I’ve also tried the hardcore challenge, and it’s been a very interesting experience. It brings a lot of freshness to the game and, in a way that I can’t quite explain, takes me back to 2004.


I enjoy all versions of WoW (even expansion wise the only one I ever had major issue with was WoD due to lack of content but I still had fun with it).

Currently on the Firemaw cluster, but I usually go on RP realms. However, with all the HC players about on Hydraxian refusing to group with anyone, questing is too painful, so I went with the PvP cluster instead (figured I could always just transfer to Hydraxian later when/if HC players get their own realm).

With Era being around indefinitely, I don’t feel rushed to do anything, so I’m mostly just taking my time and seeing where it takes me. I will probably play a fresh vanilla or SoM2 providing we can transfer our characters to era afterwards. If we can’t do that then I will have a decision to make about it.

I really like the chill atmosphere of era though, even on the biggest PvP cluster players have been nice and helpful, whereas with Classic 2019 the big PvP realms tended to garner a poor reptuation, I don’t see that in era.


Ngl Hardcore has been a blast, it has a few restrictions that shouldn’t be there imho (like the fact you can’t group up for elite quests which fails to capture vanilla essence) but as a whole it helped making vanilla feel like vanilla so much. I stopped playing classic after clearing BWL when economy and gdpk were going too crazy, hardcore tackles this issue with great success. If things remain this way i’m 100% staying.

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Those rules are just there as insurance, so people don’t cheat.

play era until fresh → play fresh → transfer fresh char to era once its done



I want to keep playing Era as long as there are other people in it.


Stay, cuz I came back for Vanilla in 2020
build up some Twinks wich will be BiS forever
and Que maps on them or run on Valley Weekend
try create a 4-5 ppl premate for WSG/Bashin on 60
Sometimes join some Raids and assist my Guild just for fun
Grind stuff and get rich for no reason
only thing I miss is Wpvp cuz PvE Cluster
would be fun Gank on Southshore / Arathi some ppl on an low Twink

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I wish I knew. Atm I’m content playing on Wrath and leveling up / raiding there but I hope for a classic reset in a few years so that I can return to Outland.

Or alternatively SOM TBC. I just want Outland back :frowning:


I am waiting for fresh, I can’t be bothered with era whatsoever. Playing other games till fresh releases.

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Well I never left. Tbc, wrath, cata, etc hard pass for me.

Its my wow retirement home of sorts. I farm pvp consumes; pick some fights if I get bored, then queue up at the bg weekends to piss away all the consumes. Only to do the same again. With no goal, just for fun. Pretty much what I did during classic also, only then I had to put off alot of time for raids/raid prep.
Stopped raids now mostly I just occasionally help out if Im needed (If I actually checked the discord lol).

Didnt play som either, but im down for fresh if it checks my boxes.
Big class/pvp system changes/ exp boosts/ shortened cycle are all definite nopes here.


I think era will go in phases of popularity, people will take breaks but inneviatably return.

My plan is to just stay and enjoy the game.


It is just a warm up for next season of mastery or fresh the next one and if it takes too long to have a new season of mastery or fresh , I will go and try turtle wow no hurry though.