People's future plans?

Yes just jump in to pvp realm and have some fun or Pve if you find brainless world ganking annoying… we dont stop having action we start with world dragons and we end up with late night zg-aq20 almost every day… Thats how it is in alliance pve at least. I did paladin got him to 60y playing as retri and i cant stop having fun with its like all over reliving the experience and having the chance to do stuff i didnt manage to do back in the day because it was “GO GO - KEEP PUSHING NEXT PHASE” at this state the game is perfect we only come short of AV but im pretty sure that with few thousand ppl more over the next 3 months this will be shorted as well, you dont need SoM-fresh or any other none-sense ppl try to feed you because they have a discord or perhaps they are trying to earn something out of that channel, soo stir clear from those ppl. If you want to play classic jump in right now! As for the “intent to stay” we been here all a long going back and forth in classic era we never left… you guyz-the ones asking you are the “comets” passing by, asking for absurd new/fresh/som or other servers or another game while the game is still alive-vivid and ready to enjoy.


I will play classic forever. i try out new things like SoM2 or Dragonflight or Wotlk servers now and play sometimes, but i always end back in classic.
Future depends a lot on blizzard.


it’s not very wise to surrender ‘future’, which you conveniently left the word “my” out of, into the hands of blizzard is it? when they have an uncanny habit of demonstrating that they don’t operate in anyones but their own interest.

sorry, just came out of a book i’m writing lol.

My current plan is to level a Shaman on Horde and a hunter on alliance using rested XP.

I was also thinking about another class, a caster of some type, maybe a warlock.

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True, but despite I personally don’t have anything against Hardcore per se, I’ve seen new players interested in just leveling to 60 without dying (aka “Ironman mode”), effectively removing the limits imposed of the mailbox, AH etc, being treated in a very parochialism way, almost as “lesser beings”, and that’s nothing less than just a twisted egocentric mentality from players who should be the first ones to have an open mind towards others when it comes down to trying new unconventional and fun things.

It’s correct, one is free to play hardcore mode however they want, it’s a challenge that one sets for themselves. In fact, on the “classichc” page itself, they warn about it, there are players who prefer not to install the addon, not join any hardcore guilds, and do things their way, and it’s totally valid as long as you follow the fundamental rule of not resurrecting the character once they die. But at the same time, whoever plays this way won’t be able to enter the “hall of fame” because there’s no way to validate their run. And that’s why the addon and those strict rules exist, as a way to validate that a run has legitimately ended. However, if you don’t care about being in that hall of fame and you do it solely for the joy of it, then you can do it however you want, no problem

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For me, the most exciting development is the VoiceOver addon. Once it matures, I want to play through the Classic and concentrate on the story, lore and quests… I’ve missed out on amazing content because I HATE reading quest logs, but if they are voiced, that changes EVERYTHING!

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And playing and chilling like that you have achieved Era legend status in my book.

The goal is to have fun, and so far it seems you are winning big time!


I love vanilla and will be on there forever

I play it, because I love vanilla leveling, its true rpg nature, and the epic atmospheric feeling. Nothing else to it. I also play retail for the total opposite. I intent to play classic era long term, but I may play SOM2 too though. I despise wotlk and tbc classic.

What about changing feral, so they don’t have to farm those things from gnomeregan

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Personally I would not mind a little tweak like making it infinite charges.
Yet im pretty negative to changes overall. Buffing/nerfing across the board so pve is balanced? No. I just dont care if a spec is pve unviable/ weaker in pve, that is entirely acceptable for me. Every class has builds/roles that work in pve, and every class has builds/roles that work in pvp.

Take ele shamans their state is dog in pve but quite strong in pvp.
So buffing ele just a tiny bit, especially its regen/uptime, could end up being rather hurtful to the game.

I find it interesting that I’ve come full circle.

I played all of retail up to half of the last one (oribos…whatever its called); then went back to classic…played through to LK and now back to classic again. Probably now gonna stay classic for the next 9 months (till xmas) and then after 20 years call it quits.

Youtube recommendations made me google what the f🤗 Classic HC is. And now it’s been 2 months since I started getting real fun of this game. And may only hope, that Blizz will bring back TBC, 'cause it could be a great HC experience as well.

Amen to that. In any shape or form.

A few vocal naysayers keep bashing anyone who asks TBC, saying it won’t be popular, but I see requests for it on a daily basis.

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I’m just waiting for Fresh. Probably won’t even level toon to 60…


Also waiting for fresh. In the meantime I have Wrath and Retail to play.

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With multiple signs of something new coming to Classic, my plans are:
If there is fresh - level a mage and help groups with AOE
If there is SOM - same as above
If there is hardcore/ironman mode - level a paladin
Level a rogue on Era in the meantime - obviously if any of the above happens she will get much less playtime.
And last I would like to try a priest and a shaman, they will be getting minimal playtime, I am not sure where they will fit the best.

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Exactly this… also Diablo 4 waiting room :sweat_smile:

I recently quit Wrath because it felt too meta and I was tired of spending hours in a raid w/o a single hardmode item for my class and specc dropping for weeks on end.

Went back to retail to focus more on my collecting, got invincible, Gul’Dan’s mythic mount and the Infinite Timereaver from TW dungeons, all in one week. Felt better than anything did in wrath the past month.

What I truly want is for TBC to return in some way or form. It’s the only expansion we can’t experience as max lvl content atm. If they introduce TBC SOM or just a fresh server that will go through TBC eventually I’d join instantly.

But for now I’m content in doing my own thing on the char I’ve mained since 2007 in retail, esp when flying and running on my new mounts.

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Waiting for Classic 2