Pet Battles in Visions of N’Zoth

You do get that it’s the mechanic of Black Claw and Shattered Defence debuff that is the issue they are fixing.

These hypothetical numbers especially on the Stampede pets assume that they will all survive 5 rounds against an Elite pet.

Ikky is just often preferred because its a flying pet.

Work the numbers for yourself, under any reasonable assumptions.

The nerfs are justified, the strategies using these combos are too good. Working out the hypothetically possible damage is irrelevant to what makes this strategy too good.

So as far as I can see raptors fall short of other pets because they don’t have a well-damaging third ability.
I would also add that the family should matter too as the raptors are more likely to be countered than Ikky or Skitterling, and there are more aquatic targets or beast damage than critter targets or humanoid damage. The undead are out of luck.

Frankly, assuming all other changes affect everyone in equal manner, I wouldn’t see anything else to it than tinkering Ikky’s stats a little.

I stand firm that the bosses need to be made less uniform. This will not rule out the combination itself but will make it less of a “first choice”, and even an occasional breach prohibition looks better than what we’ve had.

Believe me suggesting the same stuff over and over is no fun to us either because who needs us anymore… :roll_eyes:

Nerfs for the new BC.Flock pets are justified.

Nerfs for Rabbits and Raptors aren’t.

Have a look at the strategies for all the Naz and Mech PVE battles. It isn’t the damage from the full duration of Black Claw and Flock that makes it viable but the actual mechanics. Very rarely will Ikky actually get past a second round of Flock.

Ikky is dominate because its often faster than the Elite pets, has been around for a long time, has the most power and PVE strategies use the same pets to appeal to casual players with small collections.

There’s a significant amount of BFA strategies that benefit from Shattered Defence then combined with a delayed damage attack or the Undead racial, it just needs to adjusted so it can’t be utilised so often.

The question is why would anyone want to use the same mechanic for soo many battles?

The question is why would anyone want to use the same mechanic for soo many battles?

The quickness. it’s just so much faster than almost anything else.*
For example I was looking at Char (one of Blackrock trash) strats yesterday and gave up with anything more original because who cares.

On a contrary, I doubt this applies to more forgiving opponents. A part of it is conditions for levelling pets but original BfA quests are none of that.

* I would say what this inertia reminds me of but it would perhaps be an equivalent of Godwin’s Law. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. One keypress instead of three. Even for the significant minority who have a 100% win rate by only ever pressing “A”, no matter what the battle, that’s two keystrokes saved!

Let’s face it: a significant number of people who do PvE have no idea what abilities they are using. So what are we saving here, apart from maybe adding a couple of extra "A"s?

Isn’t that boring?

Hopefully they are looking to break up the current faceroll that is PVE. Being faced with decisions should be the ultimate goal of PVE.

The scripting/botting should be made much harder to do. If possible just make it TOS or break the script addon. Maybe trainers having a chance to use 3 of 6 different pets would counter this and the move by move guides.

It’s just an impression taken from visitors. Anything past a certain number of rounds gets lower reviews if it’s a daily or otherwise repeatable activity. I do not like that, but people can and expect to rush through other PvE content which has sadly creeped into there. Not sure how much can be done about that.

Annoying how you can’t quote properly two posts at once (at least that broke in the preview), well the forums demand direct pointing to the source.

Yeah, for all it requires it’s outstanding for how long has it lasted.

What you’ve said has been kind of done for 4 of the dungeons with various results. In easier ones, the family overlap is such they’re easily handled by one or two specific types. In more difficult ones it’s a more pressing matter but presented in an obvious way (e.g. we expect you to bring an Elemental, so we throw two token opponents strong against them).
I can also think of Erris/Kura but as there are no repercussions for restarting, it’s nothing special.

Regarding the in-battle RNG, I am curious where you folks would set the limits. I would see a scale based on existing tamers, with Kwint, Jeremy Feasel, etc, and such the number of pets involved aswell. Some scripts have to be there so we don’t end up with spamming defensives etc.

Hello Blizz.

My one point about “overpowered” abilities. We all know they are very effective and make some battles easy, but please consider this:

For new players to enter Pet Battling there has to be something simple that we can teach them about. Having 3-5 strong pets is an absolute minimum entry for world quests. I can give someone Zandalari raptor, show the place to get Ikky and Teroclaw Hatchling, help farm Valkyrie and this way I can get someone into pet battles without making it overbearing for someone new.

If you nerf those easy combos, you will push a barier for entry very high.

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