Pet Journal - like Hunter Pets Interface!

Just give hunters a pet collection interface like battle pets! Set the limit to 2 pets per unique skin (instead of 0/3 for battle pets). It will revamp the whole game.

You already have the interface for that.

After 9 expansions we still have 200 pet limit. Just the spirit beasts are 30sh.
Every expansion I have to abandon pets it took me time to find and whose skin I really like, only because another rarer or slightly better looking arrived.

Remember that above all it’s a game! It’s supposed to be fun!

I see cool things coming with 10.2.5 update. Blizz is finally seeing things will a less strict perspective.

Just do the hunters’ community finally a great gift. IMO it’s the most fun class to play, don’t make us feel frustrated with every expansion, spending stupid time only to decide which pet to drop and which one to go after.

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