Pet Peeve: The Undying


Putting a couple of drops of olive oil in your ears before bed (droppers are super cheap from a pharmacy), leaving it in for a few minutes, then emptying it out onto a flannel does a great job of helping with this.

If the doctor thinks you need the wax syringeing out they will tell you to do this as preparation anyway so it’s a good time to start

Source: I have constant tinnitus and fun with ear wax

(Elenthas) #14800

Mine’s not constant (at least, I don’t notice it constantly) but it does show up relatively frequently.


Wax sometimes makes tinnitus worse - get someone with an MD to look in your ear

(Shenshugoki) #14802

I have it rarely but what helps me is twisting the lobe of my ear over the ear canal and then using a finger to tap on the finger holding the lobe closing the hole, so it creates these very low thuds (depending on how hard you prod the back of the finger), which most of the time help to mitigate it or make it go away. Alltogether. You can do it as many times as you like, though usually a couple of thuds is enough for me.

(Distantpeak) #14803

Ear oiling is an odd sensation… Do it!

(Dudflex) #14804

Peeve, the fact that the Sethrak say they have dominion over all.

it reminds me that Blizz probably won’t expand on their empire so we’re stuck here like “Do you?”

(Distantpeak) #14805

Can I see your dominion license?

(Dudflex) #14806

Runs away screaming that the empire will not fall.

(Levey) #14807

Kind of like how the proud Zandalari Empire is nothing but a pyramid temple city-state surrounded by jungle ruins. Nazmir holds more traces of civilization than Zuldazar.

(Distantpeak) #14808

Our server needs some Fogsail humans working with the Horde. Get some zest in.

(Telaryn) #14809

just frick my :poop: up why don’t you

(Taxania) #14810

Kind of depends on your perspective of Zuldazar. The zone might not be one great mega-city like Suramar, but a lot of the different sections of the zone play their own part in Zandalari society. Warbeast Kraal is where they tame beasts of war, Warport Rastari is the primary military harbour of Zuldazar, the Mugambala serves as the military headquarters, the Garden of the Loa is a shrine-garden intended to house various loa, Atal’Gral was once a great temple-complex, Tal’Gurub is a ghetto intended to house the Gurubashi, the Temple of the Prophet exists as the dwelling place of Zul, then there’s the tomb-city of Atal’Dazar, and so on. Even the jungle serves its purpose as a sort of reserve, where dinosaurs are free to roam until the Zandalari seek to tame them and hunt them for food. This is why a section of the jungle is actually called “the Reserve.”

I guess there’s lots of jungle between it all because like the Night Elves, the Zandalari live in harmony with nature, just in a very different way. In addition, a lot of these areas are occupied by enemy forces because well, it’s a levelling zone, of course there’s enemies everywhere.

As much as I would’ve liked a Zandalari Suramar, I can understand Blizzard not having the resources for that, especially when Zuldazar was designed to be a levelling zone rather than compelling end-game content like Suramar was. I guess we just have to deal with the abstraction.

(Telaryn) #14811

I’m also at a crossroad as to which Ashe legendary skin to buy. I’m torn between Jungle and Safari.

I like the Safari look more, it looks very Lara Croft-esque. But the Jungle recolour of it has a better gun. The holographic sights that come up with the Safari skin are this shade of orange/red which every map uses and it becomes really hard to see because it blends into the background 99% of the time. The Jungle skin’s gun has a bright blue sight which is very easy to see and is infinitely better.

So the question is, do I go for the skin that looks better in the character model which I never get to really see anyway, or for the skin that has a better gun colour scheme which I’m looking at in the first person view all the time?




Third option:
Don’t buy anything. Wait.
Why? Because Halloween is near. What if there is a skin you’re going to like?

(Telaryn) #14813

Gold’s not that hard to come by if you play arcade and I have all the halloween skins from previous years I already wanted. If a new skin comes out that I really want, I’ll just farm it during the event.

I mostly seem to main Ashe now and I’d rather get something other than the default skin, and I like the safari/jungle look. Just torn between which one to take.


Well, in this case… Safari all the way!

(Shenshugoki) #14815

The 1 that looks thottier.

(Telaryn) #14816

I like Safari too but the gun’s sights blend really badly into the surroundings on most maps :frowning:


Then get the other one!
Wait. Idea.
Coin flip. If you want, I’ll do it for you.
If you feel the result is wrong, you’ll get the one you want.

(Telaryn) #14818

flip me up homeslice