Pet Peeve: The Undying


Peeve: bugs love me.

(Dudflex) #9282

Oh, You don’t like my blessing? Huh?
Fine, get your own damn blessing!


Oh wait, it was your blessing? That they come and bite me…

(Dudflex) #9284

Well who else is going to send insects to annoy you?


I don’t know…


Me in ten characters.

(Mayliffe) #9287

My biggest pet peeve is badly used glances; and now that TRP isn’t the only addon with them, it feels worse than ever.

Too many people use massive descriptions in glances, impossible to, well, read at a glance. Too many people don’t bother to put that in their description field instead, or simply copy their properly sized glance there, leaving an utterly empty and barren description field.

It’s not hard peeps. Full description in profile; use glances as bloody bullet points to emphasise very specific things, eg. this character wears glasses, an unusual pendant, and speaks with XYZ accent.

(Lóras) #9288

My pet peeve is that it’s been raining and miserable all morning, then the minute I head out, wearing my coat, it immediately dries up and becomes sunny. Now I’m walking around with a coat I don’t need and it’s too warm.

(Vixí) #9289

I remember this being a massive issue with TRP 2 as well, people posted their entire profile into the “First glance” or “currently” tab flooding out half your screen.

Also anyone that remembers the old…think it was called flagrp or flagrsp or something? That rivaled with MRP and was litterally just a large box that you filled in. It had the same problem.

(Darianuth) #9290

This has been a problem since the dawn of RP addons. People packing waaaaay too much stuff into fields that don’t need it.

MRP at least gave you a very small box for your ‘currently’ and instructed you to keep it short. It would even cut off currently’s that were too long in the tooltip. TRP2 did no such thing and gave you a huge box, so of course tons of people dropped their entire profile in there so their tooltip fills your entire screen every time you mouse over them.

I’m guilty of just filling the glances and leaving my description blank on alt characters and profiles. They’re an easy way to quickly point out the key features of my character. I can always go and fill in the description afterwards. I like them because it makes me think “What are the 5 most distinct visual features I have?” and work from there.

Similar to TRP2 though, you have people dumping their entire fanfiction in a single glance.

Frankly I dislike long TRPs full stop. My general rule is if I have to start scrolling down, it’s too long. About three paragraphs is more than enough to describe what you look like. And I don’t have the patience to read about orbs and hourglass figures reworded about a hundred times while I’m midRP.

I know some people like to sit and read long profiles, but I’m too practically minded. I always view profiles as something that needs to be concise since it’s most likely going to be opened and read in the middle of RP.

(Vixí) #9291

I personally very rarely fill out trp profiles on my characters outside of a small first glance, and the first page, with name, height, PoB etc.

And it’s mostly due to 1) I get really bad writer’s block and cant figure out what to write even though I know how my character looks/is.

and 2), I just dont feel like it and I prefer the roleplay over writing lengthy stuff solo.

(Lintian) #9292

…That’s a thing? Ow.

(Stuart) #9293

I used to have this rule on MRP, I find on TRP it gets too long even before you need to scroll.


The edge…

(Levey) #9295

Wings, ribs and all other foods with bones in them are disgusting. Give me mechanically separated pink slime chicken nuggets every day of the week.

Along with kill counters, it’s a mark of awesomeness and badge to act with impunity as all who would stop you must consent to IC death.

Peeve: summer is wet and cold and halfway over before it really starts.

(Kotur) #9296

What do you guys think about possibility of a character achieving immortality IC?

And by immortality I don’t mean that a character can’t be killed, just that they can’t die naturally like of old age and stuff.

(Elenthas) #9297

Yeah, that’s called undeath.

(Kotur) #9298

Undead died though.

(Elenthas) #9299

You wanted immunity to ageing, you gotta be willing to break a few eggs.

(Kotur) #9300

Tell that to Xarantaur.