Pet Peeve: Wrath of the 20K Post Cap

(Elenthas) #3904

fallout 4 had an update today for bethesda adding more stuff to their “creation club” and it broke the game

It Just Works

(Valdanyr) #3905

Do you use F4SE? If I remember correctly, it (and Skyrim’s equivalent) needs to be updated every time Bethesda makes changes to the creation club.

(Kehinaan) #3906

Every update breaking F4Se is nothing new. Today’s update just breaks the game itself.

(Elenthas) #3907

Aye, this. I do use F4SE but according to other people on the internet, it’s also broken unmodded games (on PC and Xbox at least).

(Telaryn) #3908

Can we get an F in chat boys

(Moridunum) #3909

Pet peeve of today: Night shifts. The creep and crawl away slowly at silent nights like these.

Atleast tomorrow I can take my laptop with me and watch shows and play WoW… But tonight, maaaaaaan, its a long night :frowning:


And you can’t have a nice drink.

(Moridunum) #3911

And that, obviously!


I most certainly can during my evenings. ;>

(Sainur) #3913

Somehow I have become unable to function as a human being and can either sleep for 3 hours, or for 12.

(Distantpeak) #3914

You exist in my living hell.

(Narmë) #3915

Current weather: -3°c with fog. Lot and lot of fog and not even a little snow.


Euro truck simulator 2 does it better quite honestly.


Great game.

I loved to push buttons while my brother played so he crashed into stuff.

(Shenshugoki) #3918

Nice in ten characters


Moody has been unbanned, so that means I have to leave you now. My people need me.

Farewell good people, it has been a joy to post with you.

(Shenshugoki) #3920

Moodyepstein didn’t hang himself.

(Akamito) #3921

What up fam, I’m back from my staff conference and ready to :poop: post once again.

My PS4 arrived while I was gone and I’m going to dip into some juicy Spiderman when I get some free time. Also pumped to try RDR2 and God of War when I can, just have to be careful not to try all of them and not finish any.



(Akamito) #3923

Web swinging through New York city is absolute peak gameplay and nothing can convince me otherwise.