Petition for Demo Warlock

Hi there fellow warlocks,

Let’s try a petition to get our beloved specc back. We are tired of the master Imp frower that is called a spec, blizzard has now failed for 4 years in a row to design this properly.

If shadowlands goes live like this, they will continue there way of failure for another 2 years.

So say stop to blizzard, just convert our back. I hope the files are still somewhere. There need to be some adjustment, like instead of Soul Fire we cast Demon Bolt. Then some Talents like KJC or Archimondes Darkness are super strong. The Metamorphosis is a demonic Tyrant just in the Black with the green/purple toppings.

This should be possible to shadowlands Hits the live server.

Edit: Ok now it is not possible for SL, but after those 2 years. It is enough of the abomination spec, we demand reverting demo to its greatest design moment in wow history. MoP Version! It was the best style you ever created, the best Addon you ever had.


Support this 100%


We need to push this

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I presonaly already made dozens of topics, where i pointed at demonology problems
And still no responce, no fixes, no changes in SL.


This is really sad… why is blizzard always ignoring us? Destruction gets a lot of attention…

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Destro been basically the same since MoP, i don’t see all the “attention” you speak of. Maybe you mean numbers, then yeah, in 8.3 destro had all the attention due to it scaling with haste light years better than both affi and demo.
And if we are speaking numbers, as you appear to be, then demo was “fine” in 8.1.
But if we are talking design wise, demo is genuinely great.I much more prefer the Legion Demo, but it’s still an amazing spec. Has the highest single target damage potential by miles and playstile is the most fluid thing this class has. It lacks big time in numbers, because it can get out of hand really quickly with the way it’s designed.

For me Demo never gelt good, since wod… the only style that felt good was mop. The master summoner is crap, why does a master summoner needs 6 seconds to cast his Demon? Then every Demon is a cast, this thing should be a master summoner? All demons should be instant Soul Shard cost less than the other specs. Where are the greater and stronger demons?


While I do not agree that current Demo is a failure or something like that, I also don’t think it can hold a candle to MoP Demo. That spec was just incredibly fun, versatile and engaging. It gave warlock agency; you had control over everything you did (unlike now, where we STILL don’t have a good imp counter). It was in my opinion the best spec ever invented in WoW.

So, yes please. Bring back MoP Demo!


I don’t mind the master summoner but blizzard is failing in this part really hard. Even unholy dk feels more master summoner than demo.


And for the love of God. Bring back the old spell effects. Shadowbolt and incinerate and just pathetic… When I first casted incinerate after so many years on my lock, I thought it had something to do with my graphic card…
Or a dragon gone wet and can only puff some smoke instead of fire lol. Like… Wtf


Please bring MOP demo back. Please please :P.


Current Demonology has no purpose. Is inferior to the other 2 in every single aspect of the game.

Redesign it as tank and give back 3 things:

  1. Dark Apotheosis (damage done and received reduced by mastery);
  2. Mannoroth’s Fury 1st iteration as passive ability;
  3. Hellfire
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Im in favor, i want blizz to see this not as attempting to strongarm them, but simply because i miss a time when the “rotation” wasnt just rotation, but a set of intelligent choices. The question of “when to cast this ability” wasnt always an obvious “when there’s 3+ enemies”, but a more intricate “if it will sustain your demon form for a longer time”. You had many tools for many situations, and the rotation was in picking the right one.

As an example for people unfamiliar with MoP. Touch of Chaos was a demon form ability that was instant and no cd, and replaced the normal form shadowbolt. It did slightly higher dps then casting shadowbolt, and also extended corruption by 3 secs. So, when did you cast it?

in either of those below:
-When you had no soulfire (basically today’s demonbolt) proccs.
-When you needed to move (soulfire was quick to cast but not instant).
-When you needed to extend corruption.
-when you had low remaining demon fury (so metamorph will run out, all metamorph spells costed fury so it will naturally run itself out), so you wanted to save souflire proccs for normal form, to get lots of fury back fast and get back in demon form. Basically “i’ll do slightly less dmg now to have a smoother more damaging time later rathen then a big drop of dmg”.

There is still “rotation” here, but its much more intricate. Mistakes in this judgement line aren’t super punishing, but you can definitely excel, its not just about simply memorizing the proper sequence.

Today the only real choice is “how much imps can i fit in before tyrant without delaying it too much”, everything else is super clear cut. When do you cast shadowbolt? always when not shard capped. Demonbolt? also always unless saving for movement. Hand of guldan? always, fel dogs? always unless in middle of a tyrant setup in which case you stick even more to hand of guldan.

There’s very little moments of intelligent decisions. 95% of the rotation is a sequence, there’s no skill to it. This is something i miss whether i’m doing tough content or chill solo, i enjoy my decisions making things die faster. Its not like if you were average you’d have troubles outdoors or do zero dmg, but it kept the essence of gaming, feeling like you do better because you actually do better.

Could write the same for MoP destro aoe, which is even easier to restore tbh, but ye, MoP demonology was funner and more interesting then today.


MoP Demo was the most fun spec I ever played, 3 forms to manage and many tricks in your sleeve. Nonetheless would be naïve to think they could just revert that, since Demon Hunters are here to stay unfortunately.
We need to propose something in line with what it could be realized.

For me Demo requires a totally different approach and rethink the spec in its entirely.

You can go with the tank idea I gave before or if you want to stick with the dps thing, they need to give it a sense. Actually it’s ramp up and lack of used utilities (we are full of things that nobody actually use) makes it a problem for the team, not an asset.

Demo must be able to empower it’s summoned pet, i.e. a Demonology Felhunter must make the same damage of a Felguard. In this way we can use the appropriate pet for the content as all other warlocks do.

Stop the imp madness.
Imps should be summoned to be sacrificed for procs, mana and health, we use and consume the demons at our whim, they are not our friends. We are not hunters.

Most of all, Demo must find its identity.
Affly is aoe, Destro is cleave, Demo single target?
Then Demo must be able to single burst its target, not to start doing damage when all other single target specs already bursted the hell out of it.

This can be achieved with pet enhancement and imp sacrifice.
Imps cannot be a slow painful ramp up. Baseline we need to be able to summon 5 of them and immediately sacrifice to generate instant casts, and with another spell to gain soulshard or health. So I need to chose what to do with my imps.

As Soulshard spender, make so that every summoning spell will use one should shard more to be instant if possible.

At least in pvp still Dark Apotheosis is required.

agree on this but its not likly to happen, Blizz has no history in reverting there mistakes.


Wow Demo is just disappointing. I just played it today in 9.0 and I am telling you, its like hell crap compared to MM hunter and mages. WOW blizzard this time, you really screwed up. Sad that you overlooked this spec and made spec that were already like too OP even more OP.

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I’m not playing Warlock myself but I gotta admit I’ve never really liked the way Demo has looked. For me Demo should be about having great synergy with your demons and I would prefer demons that isnt apart of the other two specs aswell you want powerful cool demons not generic once.

I would be all about other demons … if you weren’t forced to use felguard …

I got so hyped when I first saw wild imps, and thought I could build my character around being an imp master, having my pet imp out to buff my imps or something, and just focusing on having as many imps out at the same time as humanly possible.

No dice.

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I thought of more interaction with demons, like we get some cc spells with demons. We Summon then just to cc our target.

And not only having the Felguard. We Summon a bunch of others, too. But as I got disappointed by blizzard i hours they revert it back to MoP/WoD style.