Pets you never see

Thinking about this whilst on my worgen hunter who is currently running with demon dogs. Ive never seen anybody else using them, which is a shame coz the new model is really good!
What other pets do you never see?
or do you use a rare pet yourself? (I mean rare like nether ray not like Loque who gets everywhere!).

I use Hati xD in bm cuz u know why and a mecha dog in surv hes awesome. I would kill for the ooze (he was tamable for a couple of days by mistake) pet from wotlk but oh well.

I deleted my ooze and my rok delar when space was a thing

I use a bat / crane in survival and the boss silithids from Aq 40

I use one of the argus mana rays as my dispel pet.

Basically you never see pets that Blizz decided are now useless after lumping them into a certain category in BFA after the latest patch of pet changes. Some examples are monkey, shale spider, turtle, bear, bird of prey, silithid, spider, dog. They all had uses before WoD, now they’re pale shadows of their former glory. If you want a tanking pet now just grab a scalehide or core-hound if you’re BM (ironic seeing as they’re ferocity). Otherwise I see most BMs running with some form of spirit beast. I never see MM with pets. I hardly see SV other than mine, which uses - surprise surprise - a scalehide.

i use azsuna unicorn as dispel pet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, i use one of those too when I have a mage or shaman in my group, but the mana ray is my BL-dispel pet.

Currently I’m running with 3 demon dogs , hati and loque.

I had them back when they were the old models , I have some odd pets on my hunters the hyena is another go to choice.

The other is the spore bats.

My Spritz is a bee :blush: I’m waiting for the mount. All the spirit beasts are not that rare since everyone has one.

You used to struggle to find me without my crab, Zappa, in world PVP and BGs. That pin with Masters Call combo saved my bacon so many times. =(

I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Frost Wolf.

Don’t see many Blood Beasts, which is a shame seeing as “Crawgmas” was a thing :pensive:

I am running whit a toad, that you only can tame in temple of sethralizz, I never seen anyone else whit one yet.

I never see worms and silithids. Guess people aren’t much into bugs, huh?

Back in MoP when Silithid had web root I pvp’ed with nothing else. Now that its been downgraded to a slow Silithid is just not that good anymore.

people dont use many different pets because blizzard made the majority terrible…

i got a demon fire dog with me for solo old content more movement speed
A rhino for tanking
A spirit beast for dungeons raids or world bosses

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