Phase 2. November 12th


Is it to early? What you guys think?


no its fine can’t wait to get rewarded for killing all the noobs 48+


November 27 for a nice, round, 3 month phase schedule sounds about right to me.


Is there full content plan for phase 2?


Try killing me… :wink:


Expected, and it’s just fine tbh, a month after DM release.


In my opinion yes it’s too early and I would’ve hoped they would give some time after doing announcements. I mean if I would’ve knew phase 2 was gonna come November 12th a month ago I would’ve been fine with it.

I don’t know what I’ll do now because I wanted to level a rogue before phase 2 to PVP on and I thought I had more time… Oh well, I don’t know if that will be possible now or how hard leveling will be.

(Trajan) #9

It’s good for me since I will easily be able to finish my second level 60 by then. As far as content I am not really looking for to Phase 2 all that much. What matters is that it means that the game is moving forward.

Bit worried about Gehennas though. It is not at all ready to have layering completely removed. Also Classic servers are not up to the task of handling world bosses on big PvP realms. Server performance would need to quadruple for that.


The date is fine. They need to bring BGs way earlier though. Early January should work.


I believe that will be the breaking point for most players and we’re going to see a sudden drop in player activity due to it. This train shows no sign of stopping and the lag-wall is going to be hit at full force.


I just feel bad for those that are not level 60 yet :blush:

(Bigkeg) #13

Even if someone is 60 that doesn’t protect from level 60 attacks. And if you are much lower you don’t give honor.


Yeah, your lvl doesn’t really matter, it’s not like people are gonna duel you or something. More like you just get melted in 2 seconds by 10 people when you get off a flight, the lvl isn’t gonna make a difference.

(Trajan) #15

It definitely matters that you are 60 by Phase 2. Not because being 60 protects you from being ganked but because you have far less reason to be there to be ganked. While leveling it is incredibly frustrating to have to corpse all the time while at 60 you are likely running to an instance and dying on the way is just a small delay.


Target doesnt give honor for 30sec after landing from fp


Im screwed, please send help.


Hmm, I’ve forgotten about that, actually. Good point, thanks. Doesn’t change the fact they’re gonna be camped anyway, though. :smiley:


Too early imo



It’s gonna suck for people not 60 yet…


Too late, but it is okay. Hope we get BG’s soon too with 2.5 like Dire Maul