Phase 2. November 12th


bring the pvp i wanna kill some of you elfs


I think it’s fine.


Wonder how they will remove layers in 12 days…
Otherwise i don’t care, i used to play on Nostalrious and northdale, it can’t be worse.


Where does it says it’s coming November 12?


I’m in trouble.

Gonna have to stop playing and wait for BGs for the 50-60 stretch. Not really keen on living inside of dungeons to farm my way through it. Thought I had at least until December.

Oh well.


I’m looking forward to the update myself, I can’t wait to hunt down those dragons again! Which world boss is your favourite?


well i like Kazzak
not sure he is in vanilla though… if memory serves he is from TBC


Layers arent really related to queues, but you will see much more people ingame.


Now I’m going to sound like an angry old troll. Why are you blue people engaging in the discussion wearing false smiles and not giving out one iota of information?
I suppose we all want to hunt down world bosses, even me. But playability in questing zones and general overcrowdedness is of bigger importance for my gameplay than which one is the best World Boss.

(Narcind) #50

Probably because someone in customer support knows just as much as we do about that.


Kazaak and azu is phase 2, 4 dragons is later


Getting corpse camped and living in grey screen is part of the experience and playable. Im more concerned about the huge lag that will turn wboss fights into a power point presentation where instant casts take over a minute to register


Oh, Spellbatching! You know as well as I do, that I live on a PvE server.
And those will be either with long queues or totally un-playable due to the sheer amount of players. Lag will be one of my concers too.
Thanks for letting me promote my message once again.
We need more PvE servers, please.


Im on a pvp server with bigger queues and more players


… and? That is your choice. And what I’m saying is that you and your ilk have a freedom of choice. You have dufferent servers to choose from. Ranging from Golemagg and Shazzrah at Full over medium like Earthshaker to Low pop Dragonfang.
As a PvE’er you have 3 (yes three) equally Full and layered servers to “choose” between.


Way too early. Even though there are many that plows through the concent and then screams for more, the majority of the Classic audience is people 15 years older with houses, families and kids. I rejoined my vanilla guild. About 30% of it has 60 level characters. The rest between 30-40. We waited 10 years + for classic. Why rush it? Why not enjoy the greatest levelling experience in a game of all time?


No, it’s not too early. This patch is just world bosses and Honor System.

In Vanilla the Honor System was in a few months after release, so this is sticking to the original path.

If you’re “not ready”, well you probably shouldn’t have rolled on a PvP server.

(Narcind) #59

The pvp system released 67 days after launch in europe in vanilla. It will release 78 days after launch in classic.



Yeah it’s way too early. I honestly think late December would still be too early, but less than two weeks from now is just insane.

It really seems like Blizzard is once again listening to the vocal minority screeching on the forums and fuking up the game just like they did back in the day.


We knew all along that WPvP would arrive sooner than most would have preferred. Blizzard is - we all know - more listening to streamers and screamers than to the mostly silent majority.
Your only concern should really be layers and queues. As they will make or break the game for most of us in the weeks maybe even months following phase 2.