Phasing bug in Boralus


I’m a Zandalari troll. Whenever I go to “Stormsong Monastery” in Boralus to do a world quests I get phased and can not finish the WQs. Whenever I get phased I get a debuff called “Discomforting Gaze”. I can see NPCs and Guards however, I can’t attack them nor they will. Being phased out, I miss on important world quests. I’ve been having this issue since I transfered from Alliance. My friends who transfered with me don’t have this problem.

(Ananda) #2

It sounds as though you may have a quest in your log that’s phasing you out. Can you check if you have any other quests in that area.


Hey Alexisonfire (hope Alex is ok! :D),

If you continue to experience trouble with this, try an Arena Skirmish. Doing can at times clear up stuck debuffs for phasing issues. If that does not help out, pelase contact support directly so they can look into this.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


No, I have finished all available quests in the zone. I’ll try Skirmish when a WQ pops up, thanks.