Plans Day 1?

(Shortgun) #200

Game on from launch untill 9-10am, then rest for an hour… then game on untill I fall asleep in the evening, only taking small breaks for food/bathroom. Before launch I plan to sleep a couple of hours.


heh, take this opportunity and roll Alliance, listen to your heart… this way you double your friend list :slight_smile: you can still be friends with the dirty Horde friends :cake:

(Khareal) #202

Didnt read entire thread. Someone probably said this already.

My suggestion is to just wait some more time. You will have huge login queues. Even if you do get in, you get a quest to kill 10 boars. With classic respawn system, you will be fighting for each boar with 100+ other people. Was there even kill sharing in classic?

Just save yourself from the torment and wait. :neutral_face:

(Grupp) #203

Actually, thinking about it seriously. The first keystrokes/mouseclicks I’ll make after logging into the game for the first time are likely to be:

/Leave General
/Leave Trade
/Leave LocalDefence
/Leave LookingForGroup
/Leave GuildRecruitment

Ahhh peace!

After that I’ll check out the guy who has something to say about the balance of nature and get around to killing those five Young Nightsabers and Young Thistleboars… really looking forward to that actually, it’s been so many years and the nostalgia is strong.


Log in, hoping to get in fast. Then play till I get tired, sleep a bit, rinse and repeat for week 1.




I’m starting my six week long vacation one day before Classic launches, so I’m ready! No specific plans for day one, but absolutely go ham and sleep before the release. :smiley:


i only have 2 weeks BASTARD


Hope I get in early and enjoy a truely amazing game. 2 weeks off, no responsibilities for those 2 weeks. Well planned out and just experience something that was lost.


Waiting is worse. Dynamic respawns are in, and group up with guildies (go to guild recruitment) and have 5 ppl to fight for tags and easily leave zone


So you want to start leveling the uh, crafting profession even before logging in. Admirable!


I’m gonna watch a thousand players do their first lvl 1 quest in Northsire Abbey.

  • The vermins / wolves will go extinct!

Or watch a thousand undead players do rescue missions all at once. ’

  • Never before has the world seen such a devotion to a single rescue mission’. There is noone left to be rescued !?

(Saga) #212

Dynamic respawns work wonders :slight_smile: During stress test, I was amazed at how hundreds of little nelfs managed to get painlessly through the starting area.

I am optimistic - I think launch will go well all in all.


“Ay pobrecita”

At least you will not be in the queue waiting.


My plans for day 1
Go to work and when i get home at midnight then i bring pizza and wait in que while watching tv or movie then later go to sleep before work and come on later after work.


level up fishing


https :// com/watch?v=nwoIJxDRu8M


(Working from home) Cancel all my meetings, pretend like I’m working - moving my mouse from time to time so I don’t appear away or my account unlogging.


  • Try to log In
  • Manage to log in
  • Make my rogue
  • Put on a good (crappy) music selection for nostalgia
  • Level up to 10 as fast as I can
  • Get all the secondary professions, get engineering and mining
  • Then start playing the game normally and enjoy it


Damn I feel ya, I’m also deciding between mage and priest, oh yesterday I also started considering lock again, I also hope I decide to play the god damn priest.


I will be starting 27th evening as soon as I return from work.

login WOW
While waiting in queue I take a shower, have dinner, converse with my wife
Do starting area quest
Farm for at least 2 bags
Level at least to 6, leave starting area
Pickup Cooking, First Aid, Fishing, Herbalism and Skinning
Fish till level 50
Go to sleep