Plans Day 1?


I’ll be on vacation in Sicily so I’ll miss the first few days. Will probably tune in to one of the streams at night to see the chaos at release :smiley:

(Gixi) #51

stockpile fridge, rest and mentally prepare for lvl 30 on one sitting session.


since it will be wednesday ill go to work , then make nice dinner , visit swimming pool and sauna and then in evening log in without any problems because i dont plan to play on pvp server and play for 1-2 hours got bored and go to sleep :slight_smile:

while others will take vacation and then whine of forums that servers are unstable and that there are 10k ques on pvp servers :0

so gonna enjoy the forum whining while at work :slight_smile:


Log on at midnight. If queues are intolerable, sit and wait while doing something else on the off-chance I get in. Whether I log in or not, I’ll be up till about 2am-3am, then get some sleep. Wake up early the next day, get a good breakfast, and settle down for a week of gaming.


It’s going to be like south park up in my loft. Spreadsheets, a few kettle bells, a fridge with sandwiches and water. (caffiene will make you crash think about it).

Spotify curated for maximum gains, kids and fiancee booked into day drips for the first 3 days.

  1. Come to work.
  2. Wish I was playing.
  3. Read the forums, reddit, etc.
  4. Continue to wish I was playing.
  5. ???
  6. Profi… Read the forums, reddit, etc. some more.


Cry! Because of happines! Finaly, the best mmo is back!


probably this unless they open more servers soon

(Waygos) #58

Leveling my rogue, waiting to know the status of the other realms so i can create alliance characters in one of the two

(Wispr) #59

Took rest of week off ofc.
Im gonna try logon and find out what server everyone gets onto, and if queues is horrible enough that half of the irls jump to other server ill be pissed and go sleep instead.
Figure out what server they changed to day after.


Release is at 0:01

What time do you start working???


Finish work at 0000 but working in a holiday park so I have a laptop there. Get to laptop an hour before my watch ends, log on. Get stuck in queue. Go back on watch. Finish. Come back in. See that I’m still in queue, open a bottle of wine, drink it, probably open another. Finally get in game. Too drunk to understand what I need to do in quests. Fall asleep.


Try to log in>play for 5 minutes before a kick>try to log in while realizing it’s midnight arleady and it’s time to sleep.


I will log in, start leveling my Tauren while listening to the noob music in Mulgore.

(Rizzenn) #64

my plans for day 1 are the same as for week 1.

Skipping it.

Will wait 1 week to see trends of realms, faction balance etc. And also removing stress of waiting in q line and sprint tagging quest mobs.


Shazzrah will have long queues forever unless people decide to fill the new server up


Cry that I won’t be able to log in until the following Monday due to work :sleepy:

(Vurru) #67

I expect to group up and do quest, talk trash on chat, reach lvl 10, get bear form, grind till lvl 20, get cat form, go to orgrimmar kill horde noobs by ganging on their corpse, kill noobs again and teabag their corpse.


Do some M+'s while scrolling through the forum looking for all the complaints about;

  1. Full servers
  2. Layering
  3. Mob-tagging
  4. Too easy
  5. Too fast
  6. Lag
  7. Queues


*go to bed, morning shift, gotta sleep, couldn’t take week off…
*go to work, thinking about classic
*come home, start up classic, queue, login and set up ui + addons
*gotta do family stuff, kids whining, etc.
*feeling damn tired cause had to go to work at 5am…
*fall asleep in front of screen… decide to lie down on couch.
*prep dinner and eat.
*play again, gf needs attention, watch tv together, play again.
*go to bed.

repeat that block until week after when I got the late shift and can play when rest sleeps :smiley: