Play Hearthstone Mercenaries® Beginning Today! Ride into action on Sarge

Play Hearthstone Mercenaries® Beginning Today! Ride into action on Sarge

Make the new Sarge mount your own by playing the newest Hearthstone game mode.

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Hopefully less annoying to get than the Hearthsteed was.



I’d rather go to the nearest casino!


The mount has an awesome animation.

Mercenary mode is really fun and well done aswell.
GG Blizzard


Well, the mode looks rather trivial so far, even the basic guys oneshot everything, gets old rather fast. Also the battlefield is too simple and pale.

And mount is rather meh, it does not even fly, even though its mountspecial shows that it can?

I cannot wait to unlock Sarge Play Hearthstone Mercenaries®

Yes. What WoW definitely needed was a reward for playing something else; that’s exactly what everybody is looking for right now.

I’m probably only saying this because there’s nothing to actually do in the game itself, of course. This doesn’t bother me in isolation.

Hey, that’s actually not a bad idea. They might reward us with a title “Masochist” if we did something in WoW at the Endwalker launch week.


As long as it isn’t annoying to complete these steps then I’ll do it.

Really though, I don’t want to have to log other games for wow mounts. Oh well.

Well, that depends of course, for me the mount is just a bonus, I play HS sometimes, though BGs mostly. I wish they would make something decent, but after BGs their new modes fail miserably, sad.

The mount itself is rather bad anyway, just like the mode, reskin of the old shop mount that can not fly. It can not because it is not from the shop?

Where did the blue haired gnome go?!

Just reinstalled Hearthstone (not played it for years) but will do this for the mount.

Anyone done it yet? How long did it take?

I quite enjoy Mercenaries so far - though it’s a very brief first-hand impression.
I hope it’ll grow on me like Dungeon Runs in Kobolds and Catacombs did. I kind of want Hearthstone to have that solid PvE mode with high replayability that’s a permanent fixture. And with a little polish and ongoing development, then I don’t see why it can’t be Mercenaries.

The mount? Eh, I got loads. Nothing fancy to me. But I do support this kind of cross-promotion within Blizzard’s games. That’s marketing I can get behind. Especially when the games have so much overlap as WoW and Hearthstone have. Worst thing that can happen is that you suffer a few minutes going through the introduction experience to get the mount. On the other hand, then you might discover another take on Warcraft that you enjoy.


I’d say around 15 minutes.


Thanks, I too was worried about how long it would take.

Didn’t take long, can uninstall now :slight_smile:

The mount special is lovely


Very easy, did it in 20 minutes


It beings, just looking at the mount and messing with the special in Oribos.

I get a whisper “New Store Mount? You people make me sick /spit”

I didn’t bother correcting them, just reported and blocked.



I got this mount as soon as it came out, thanks to a tip on discord.

I can see the appeal for those who like card games and having shiny things appear on their screen. I’m not interested in building a garrison in heartstone though so can’t see myself clicking the play button for heartstone again in the foreseeable future :stuck_out_tongue:.