Play ohters recount dmg meter

i got a feeling ppl play whit me i do low dmg some like they play whit ohter dmg meter recount de install some down making fun us ohter maybe some exist on curseforge dont know about

I ran that through google translate and it started crying.

Trapeye, is that you?

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no isnt me not

Well I do think this game would be a lot healthier without DMG meters:)

Did you play MMO without them?

People flame each other just as much when things go wrong, except they target completelly random people because they don’t even have a tool to show who exactly makes the fight fail, so you can be the very best DPS in the group and still get the blame.

Doing most dmg doesn’t mean you’re best:) this is what common misconception, if you just focus on topping meter your focus is in a wrong place. Talking about pure pug groups though, if you have coordinated group where you’re only job Is to aoe DMG and your friends are taking care of kicks / prio mobs and making sure pull is as short as possible - sure then just blast and watch meter going crazy
Pure P expierience is though topping meters makes u elite - if that’s all you doing - it really doesn’t a f just cuz you do a lot DMG - you can still be main reason why you fail to time a key.

Sure, that’s true: You are not good JUST because you do good damages.


First of, you can track who is or isn’t doing interrupt and which mob they were prioritizing with the exact same tools you use to check the damages. ALL the informations are in those tools.

So you can definitelly check who is the problem, not only based on damages.

And secondly, I never saw such a thing as a player doing bad damages but being good at the other aspects in my soon 13 years of playing this game.

If you do bad damages, that’s because you don’t understand the basic of how to play your character…

If you don’t even understand that, it’s very unlikely that you are good at the other more complexe aspects of a dungeon.

If something has not changed recently with Recount and you still want to use it, I recommend to set it to damage done to get more accurate numbers.

When using Recount DPS tab compared to Details DPS tab the biggest difference is that Recount stops tracking when the player dies or is not active in the fight, so if you do high damage early and die Recount would show a much higher number in DPS tab compared to the Details DPS tab that track DPS over the entire encounter whether you are dead or alive.

Recount is not really inaccurate, but show damage numbers in an other way that is not used by most players when looking or talking about damage.
Details uses the same algorithms for damage as warcraftlogs and thus often considered the better one to use.

Recount definitely isn’t accurate, when people on alts with 210-250 are trying to say they out-dps 280+ you know there’s a problem.

Just ignore the people claiming big numbers, ever since the scaling and people dealing a % even M+ feel broken in this regard, there’s no way some mage with 230 or so is coming 3rd in DPS for a M+ unless they were carried by a tank and healer with all dps being undergeared, as is often the case :rofl:

you call no it’s not me stop replay forums dont want get troll i use google translate these days

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