Play With More Friends With Cross-Faction Guilds

Play With More Friends With Cross-Faction Guilds

We're blurring the faction line for guilds and allowing players to create and join same-realm guilds with their friends from the opposite faction when the Embers of Neltharion update arrives on 3 May.

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Great to see, thanks!

I’m not sure if it’s playing with more friends, or just allowing us to put our Alliance alts in the guild.


Yipee!! :smiley:

Why not cross-realm as well? Most servers are 99% horde. Atm this mainly benefits people, who are either gonna transfer, buy faction change, or level/boost a new char.


Will we now also be able to do Timewalking with members of the opposite faction if they are in the same guild ?

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Hyped for the progress on tearing down barriers stopping people from playing with each other (and someone’s probably writing their thesis on what a good move tearing down interracial barriers like this in such a staple world is - analogous to attempts to tear down these barriers in the real world)

What I wonder is if this will come with the ability to queue together. It kinda blows a little to not be able to do timewalking with your friends on your some characters just because it’s a horde char.


How about allowing cross faction random dungeons/timewalks etc?



I mean it’s great and all, but we kind of needed this at the end of BfA :joy_cat:

No dungeon-grouping cross faction?
No questing together cross faction?
Just fancy guild tag + chat?

Feels a bit lacking, step in the right direction tho, just wish I could do quests / dungeons with people (While not max level) no matter their faction.


Nice! About time.

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Is there any info on what happens in a GM faction changes (does it swap the guild affiliation)? What happens if a guild gets a new GM of the opposite faction?

A good start, but OOF, a LOT/ALL of those still existing restrictions will need lifted.

That’s not a description of a guild, that’s just a community with a guild tag…

Also, what happens to the guild faction if the GM passes the GM rank to his opposite faction in-guild alt/new main? Will the entire guild’s faction change too?

Edit: Just noticed the person above me asked that same thing!

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Rather than this fluff piece, what we actually need is what the restrictions are. What would you normally be able to do in a guild, and/or with a guild group, that you would not be able to do with cross-faction guild-mates?

For example, it mentions cross-faction have access to guild repairs … but I don’t know if they have access to the guild vault.

It mentions that cross-faction cannot contribute towards certain achievements … but only gives one example. What’s the criteria for what they can and cannot contribute towards? For example, would they contribute towards dungeon and raid achievements?

And the fact that, in order to invite someone cross-faction into my guild, I’d have to place them in my friends list is very off-putting, even if it would only be temporarily (every time someone wanted an alt inviting :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Before you whine about it all, think for a moment. They are deep diving into the very core of this game. The game was build from the ground with faction barrier in mind. EVERYTHING in this game has a “belongs to alliance/Horde” in the background written in. They have to loosen that up and making mistakes in that step can have BIG consequenses. So they make it step by step.

Also because of these faction fanatics, who are taking fictional factions way to real.


If you are not a Servant of N’zoth, you’re playing the game wrong.

Vwyq agth sshoq’meg N’Zoth vra zz shfk qwor ga’halahs agthu. Uulg’ma, ag qam!


It’s not really whining, I am just saying: This is just fancy community, basically. ^^
I also said it’s a step in the right direction!

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Time to be guildless again i suppose

Opposite-faction guildmates can only play communally inside instances; they’ll still be considered Unfriendly to each other (or Hostile in War Mode) in the outdoor world.

I’m hoping this means all instances not just pugged content. :crossed_fingers:


Now I need a cross-faction guild solely to banish whatever creature possessed you.

On a serious note, this is a good step forward. I’m excited.

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