Player frame position resets since 9.1.5

I have a simple addon of my own that just does a few movements / scalings of the standard UI and one of the things it does is move the player frame. More specifically on player entering world it runs the following:


Since patch 9.1.5 I’ve encountered an issue in Theater of Pain after first boss when being moved down (you enter a vehicle apparently called Trap Door Rift) and the same thing happens in Plaguefall if I get picked up by the tentacle mobs. What happens is that he frame moves to its default position in the top left corner.

Does anyone know a way to avoid this? If I run the exact same scenario with the above code disabled the issue does not occur, in fact it does not even show the intermediate step of being in a “vehicle”

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The same happens in necrotic wake when using the guardians to fly up etc. Im just moving my frame via the ingame option and it still gets reset every time.

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