Player named "Gng" from Uganda guild selling account for irl money

The tuned he sold is named ‘‘Rares’’ We caught that today from in depth source and the dude starting to swear and flame being angry we caught him! He literaly asked us to report him since he think he will not get baned for doing that …so here we are! I hope that a forum post will make Blizzard take a in depth look of the IP log in or Email adress changed recenty on that account! GL guys and have a nice day and don’t buy accounts or gold!


gooooood luck

I hope blizzard put a stop to BOTS who are destroying game economy and starts ban this kind of players who sell accounts for real money!

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As comedic as this post has become, I’ve flagged this post as trolling. After trying to reason with this guy about having my account for 15 years he fails to understand the concept that my character name could mean something else. I don’t appreciate trolling posts and I’m sure admins don’t like their time wasted either.

rares how much did you pay for it? Gng tryed to sell me one few days ago


context: Rares posted a ss in discord with this guy saying hes gonna report him because his name is “Rares” and hes not romanian which makes no sense.
I whisper the guy and tell him Rares is my guildie and he didnt buy any account and then he started accusing me of selling accounts since im romanian and Rares is romanian name which again makes no sense.
Nice post, flagged

Salulica are u romanian? cause if u are …there is something fishy here

I kinda 99% belive ur romanian! and u just trying to cover this for this dude!

Yes the name Rares is of Romanian origin and its not that popular world wide ! This is 100 % sold by a Romanian farmer because here in Romania this is a good bussines and people do this often ! Macu very nice u caught the seller hope they all get banned !!! Blizz take action


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