Playing naked?Now what is wrong with Blizzard?


Noticed today that you can play naked in WOW,well almost,only pants on.
Is this a new try to try and get people back to wow or what is the reason for this?
Is this some wish from Argent Dawn people?

  • Is on Argent Dawn
  • Is not naked


I really haven’t seen as many “naked” players as I thought I would, even on Argent Dawn (ignoring Goldshire),


It’s just for tmog reasons lol


Is on ArgentDawn, is definitely not naked.


Pretty much everyone ignores Goldshire. It should be it’s own realm, really, just isolate all that guff from everyone else.

(Painful to actually level a character through Elwynn…)


The fun thing is, outside of Orcs (Or the more “Wild” races) where being shirtless would make sense, not many people are actually shirtless.

Goes to show that all of the “Muh imyershin and people running around nude!” puritans were wrong.


While I find it cringe on female Chars, I see a lot of male warrior chars sporting the “Hulk” fantasy. Worgen males look straight up cool, and I like it on tauren and troll males as well.

Then ofc there’s the nakes Kul’tiran meme lol… it speaks for it self.

I do not play on RP server btw


So far I have met just two naked chars, so I am quite proud of WoW community tbh XD , I was really scared about possible scenario, when like every third player or so would be naked.

(Ishayu) #10

Shield your eyes, for I have found out what happens if you use the new transmog rules on female tauren with heritage armour!

Normal heritage armour - real friggin’ cool:

With “new and improved” transmog rules:

Now, if this post gets taken down for being too lewd, and honestly even if it doesn’t, I only have one thing to say: You brought this on yourselves, Blizzard. WHY?!


It looks good on most male Warriors imo. Giving that spartan feel.
And nothing is wrong in having more choices.

(Kaelgar) #13

I see lots of Orcs running shirtless and it does look cool.
Also seen a Tauren with just shorts and a hat, with heritage totem on the back and horde flag up there too. Really looked like a tauren from wc3 beside tha hat, or like a chilled tauren straight from pool party.

As for me, I tried the shirtless tmog on my Troll, but due to hunched back and not adjusted properly shoulders / helmets I gave up and went to the current.

(Cedrad) #14

There are few reasons. First of all Tattoos, some of the Allied Races have tattoos you couldn’ realy show becasue of the armor. Another reason is the freedom to make a transmog that fits what you want for your character. For example if you want more tribal look you would hide some slots.


What’s wrong with you? People like you want only things that you like while preventing others from having the choice. You don’t have to make your gear invisible if you don’t want to. Let people who want to do it, do it. If you have a problem with others hiding pieces of their armor, just focus on your character or something.


Also being able to hide the chest slot means people can get more use out of shirts, which are not even visible underneath the majority of armor. Our friend Crissx above this post shows this off really nicely and I’m all for the decision

(Môe) #17

/Wave Hey !


Is on Argent Dawn too, and clothed. :wink:

It’s mainly for Transmog reasons. Some cool ones can be made now, and even easier.


You are only allowed to play naked on a female character


I enjoy the shirtless option. A way to show off my tattoos.

(Waygos) #21

Actually that feature helps my alt walking around with only shirt and pants while the other slots are hidden. Though it can also be used to make your character naked.