Playing Random battlegrounds 9.1.5 as Alliance

Your team: 30-40k hp range with 1-2 healers.

Enemy: 50-66k hp range with 2-3 healers.

Change my mind.

Playing Random battlegrounds 9.1.5 as Horde

Your team: 20-30k hp random with 1 AFK at base healers

Enemy: 55-70k multiglads premade with 2-3 healers

Change my mind.


it’s fine, alliance get around 1k honor per loss for epic BGs with a 2-3 minute queue
horde get around 500 honor for a loss in epic BGs with a 10 minute queue

Anyway you’re getting triggered when you need to do 30 random BGs for weekly 4 win BG quest…

I have the same experience as horde. Interesting.


it’s literally just luck, i’ve had some great teams on alliance and some really crap ones too, same when i’ve played horde.

Sometimes I wonder if it would had been better if daily/weekly quests that involve unrated BGs, did not had a win requirement. :frowning:

i have played original TBC, wotlk and cata casualy only playing bg and having a great time, i quit just before MoP, returing in 8.2.5 and spending all my time in bfa just to kinda relearn the game, my time in shadowlands is just horrible, honor gear make me feel like im several tiers behind other players, it just make me not wanna continue with this game

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It’s because horde when they reach 60 select merc mode for that juicy bonus honor so they can gear faster so alliance end up with the 20k hp enhance shamans.


Not alliance/horde problem. Its gear problem. I just returned to wow. I have alliance rogue and horde hunter. The second i joined 60lvl battlegrounds i got destroyed. Managed to get full pvp set and i am still under 40k hp. Cand do any dmg because enemies are 50k hp. In order to get gear i need rated. Tried arenas on my rogue. Was so bad as i cannot even play my cds through evasion. I use blind, sap, evasion and cloack an i just die after they trinket my kidney. So how am i supposed to get gear when i cannot even win a match? And hunter is even worse as i have no vanish…
So even if i want to get gear to be usefull in battlegrounds I have to play arenas. An in arenas i cannot win so no conquest. Also cannot find a partner as i am ilvl 220… this is the problem. Many times i have joined the fight mid expansion. There was no such gear gap as of now. It feels like a huge wall that cannot be overcomed.

Nah, i managed to win more battlegrounds on my alliance rogue than i win on my horde hunter.
Not a faction thing anymore. Its just gear gap that is huge. And rated players play normal battlegrounds for honor to upgrade gear. They just destroy fresh toons. The team that wins is the team with more gear. No strategy, no skill, nothing but gear matters. 40ilvl difference is so hige its not cool.

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