Please allow us to earn mage tower recolors on other characters

Important note, I am talking about earning the recolors of mage tower weapons if you have ALREADY unlocked the mage tower appearance. I am not saying I want the mage tower weapons to be obtained again. I am saying make us work towards the recolors on fresh characters as well instead of only on the character we initially obtained the weapon on.

My guild and I restarted as Alliance this expansion because we wanted to experience the Alliance side of the story. We are liking it very much however it has come to my attention that while we can use the artifact skins from mage tower if we have unlocked it on other characters, we can not work towards the other colors on the newly made characters only on the old ones.

Please allow alternate characters to work towards the recolors. Having to only play my horde characters just to unlock the recolors feels insanely unfun.

Heck I’d do the mage tower all over again on my new characters if that was still a thing but it clearly isn’t. This feels like an unneeded limitation since the only thing blocking it is the quest completion of the mage tower. If that quest becomes shared then all characters can work towards the recolors ( if you at least defeated mage tower before BfA launched which most of us have ).


They should bring something similar to the mage tower back, but not the mage tower itself. Its exclusive rewards are the reason I grinded it out on all my characters. I understand why you’d want it back though. I just think this game is missing items and mogs that make people feel special and unique.

I don’t need mage tower back. I loved it but if it comes back it should have new rewards.

I do want it to be better shared among characters of the same class on a single account.

That’s not the case for only mage tower ones. With other appearances you also need to do it on that particular character, unless the achievement or system tied to it is account wide. You need those appearances unlocked in your forge. That’s how the system was desinged and rarely Blizzard goes back and changes old system unless they are exploited.

What I loved about the mage tower is that it was a difficult, yet fun and fair, challenge that a solo player could participate in as well. It was the only one of its kinds for years and years. I spent hours and hours wiping to that thing in Heroic-Mythic quality raid gear from ToS, and when I got it, I was over the moon.

It got easier over the course of the expansion, but I didn’t mind. That’s just how WoW has always been and how it’s supposed to be, and it’s fine!

However if it comes back now, its difficulty is going to have to be ramped up simply because gear and power levels have been reset, and it’d feel pretty friggin’ ridiculous if it was just handed out like candy to literally anyone who dings 115 or something.

However, I don’t think Blizzard ever will bring it back. The artefact weapon is over now. Let’s get something fresh. Something equivalent. This game needs hard content and appropriate rewards for every kind of player, including solo players, even as the game tries to nudge you into group play.

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Mage tower shouldve never been removed anyway, should Always be aviable but it should set you to 110 with set stats/ilvl like chromie scenario, same for old challenge modes and such


The thing however is that on new characters of the same class we can no longer WORK towards the recolors.

That is the entire thing this topic is about.
We have already unlocked the skin by doing the mage tower and it should not come back or anything like that.

However we should be allowed to work towards the recolors of weapons we can already use on our fresh characters on the actual fresh characters.

WE CAN use the weapons if we unlocked them, so let us work towards the next step as well which can be done on the old horde characters.


I mained warrior in legion, got all the spec mage tower apperances. Just so happens I main shaman this expansion, and I feel incomplete without that mage tower apperance aha.

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Yeah…I noticed this doing Kil’jeaden on a rogue that didn’t do the mage tower. So now i need to go to my old rogue and kill kil’jeaden again.

There’s two different systems at work here:
Legion Artifact Appearances (from the Forge in your Class Hall)
Transmogrification collections (from the Transmog vendors/mounts etc)

Legion Artifact Appearances are unlocked per character, and selected from the Forge in your Class Hall.

Transmogrification collections are indeed account wide, and for the Legion Artifacts any appearance you have unlocked can also be used by other characters of the same class, spec dependent still.

For things like the Mage Tower color variations, and actually any of the color variations of the Legion Artifacts, that has to be unlocked by the character who has the first acquired the base appearance for that row (Classic, Upgraded, Valorous, War-Torn, Challenge or Hidden) in their Forge back in their Class Hall.

The limits on unlocking these were already relaxed during Legion (back in Patch 7.3), originally you needed to not only have the base appearance unlocked but also be using that appearance while doing the extra activities to unlock the new tint.
You don’t need to be using that appearance anymore, but you do still need to be on the character who has the base appearance unlocked in their Forge.

Once it is unlocked, then it’s going to be a part of your Transmog collection and available to others of the same class/spec to use.

I don’t think anyone’s confused on how the unlock works, that’s fairly well known at this point. But we’re asking for it to be changed so people who unlocked the base mage tower appearances (and probably any other base appearances) can unlock the recolours on other characters of the same class.

I’m definitely a fringe case, but I essentially screwed myself over when doing my 36/36 mage tower challenges without realizing it at the time.

Optimally you’d do it on 12 characters, one for each class, but I had many more characters at level 110, so I did the various challenges on whichever character had the best combination of legendaries, trinkets and set pieces for each challenge.

That means I have my mage tower appearances spread across not 12 but 17 characters. I don’t need to kill Kil’jaeden on heroic on 12 characters to unlock the recolours, I need to kill him on 17 characters. Likewise with winning 10 RBGs and clearing 10 Legion dungeons, as if winning 120 RBGs wasn’t bad enough already.

And while mine is a fringe case, there’s likely plenty of people who have leveled allied race alts of a class they did the mage tower challenge on and rather just play that allied race than go back to their old character to unlock the recolours just to use them on the new character.


I did the mage tower on Every Class - Every Specc to have all of them… cause I knew they’d be removed, and I am an altoholic so sometimes I may wanna play X class+role and find myself wanting X tmog…
But now I will have to do all 15-rated BGs, Kil’Jaeden etc on alts too…
I agree that those should be account wide, somehow.


This, so much this!

Just make us work towards unlocking the other colors on a different character after having already unlocked the initial mage tower color.

I am honestly disgusted by the current Horde storyline and can’t get myself to play it at all and I know many others who feel similar. Allow us to progress on our alliance characters please.

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