Please ban this Sanguino Griefer / Troll purpose Depleters

These guys are purposely going around depleting peoples keys, laughing about it, being abusive, and then upon telling them they’re reported all 4 report you back so you immediately get an account warning (thanks Blizz).

Really, it shouldn’t matter if its a CoS 18 or CoS 8, if you join a key you should be trying, this “it’s no invitationals” or “its just a key” ideaology lazyness should not be acceptable. What’s an hour of my time? £50 an hour, that’s what these people numerically owe, plus another £50 an hour to upgrade my key again. Bang £100, understand the value of peoples time before you WASTE it.

Mcganja - Shaman
Encarnieverd - Hunter
Dashingxus - DH Tank
Patatrake - Evoker

These are all on the Sanguino Realm in the guild “Tokyo Era”.

They purposely deplete a CoS 18, laughed when I said, this isn’t a weekly, and started being toxic along with saying “lol who does 18 weeklies”. Their RIO isn’t bad and they look relatively ok to take, but don’t. Hunter dead twice first boss 10 seconds after being ress’d, tank didn’t know what he was doing or where the buffs were.

Now, if this is against the Terms & Conditions, I frankly don’t care. People SHOULD be called out for this sort of play. There was never any remorse or “yeah my bad” or apologies, it was just abuse and name calling when complaining.

I urge you to install the Global Ignore addon so you can add these and others - along with making sure those pesky irritables are banned on your alt toons too, it has a handy note system which tells you someones banned and you can read why.

Blizzards auto report feature does not work and they do not care.


You’re gonna get a forum ban if you keep their names up. I’ve actually called people out as well since I think there should be a form of accountability, but all it got me was a week long ban.

meh who care risk pug afraid luck good way to get rid them press ignore

because running all around the area for buff items is 100% necessary

I could accuse you of having done something without any basis at all, and depending on which of us is the better at convincing the forum, possibly get you problems with getting invited to groups.

Of course, an easier target would be someone who doesn’t even visit the forums. Given the guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude some of our regulars have, I’d get that player on a hundred blacklists. It is now part of your keystone career to be vigilant against forum trials, even if you’re not good at arguing in English.

When I get someone who does fight back, the thread will probably turn ugly and get locked. And, given we’re assuming naming & shaming is now cool, we’d probably need a whole subforum for it, and it’d be an ideal breeding ground for new invectives.

If someone wanted to host a site for this, I would be eager to see it, and not as someone eagerly waiting to say I told you so. But I think even those of us who want accountability (I am one of them) will quickly tire of trying to determine which of two strangers is in the right, in a situation that may not even have happened, with flimsy evidence at our disposal. On top of that, there’s the getting dragged into online trials, again over situations that may not even have happened, or being judged guilty in absentia.

Pro-tip: never invite any1 from Sanguino, Hyjal or Archimonde

On the other side of the coin, I find people from german worlds, like Blackhand or Blackrock or even Aegwynn most enjoyable to pug with. Yeah yeah, i’'m generalizing etc, but that’s MY prerogative!

Thats because we are quality wares Kappa

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