PLEASE blizzard do NOT kick us out of chromie time at level 50

This is one of the stupidest ideas ever ESPECIALLY durning pre-patch. You get booted at level 50 and for… what reason? you cannot even go to shadowlands yet. People posted MANY great solutions to this problem, this is already a release candidate, and nothing seems to have been done. you said yourself, you want players to finish the expansions, This is not the way to go about it.


I’ve been worried that this will still be the case when it launches.
We should not have to go to BfA when hitting 50, that would be a kick in the teeth for players who want to play in the older expansions.

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I personally think this is meant to push you in the shadowlands, however that makes completely no sense durning prepatch period
Even then tho, you should choose yourself when you want to leave. They should just disable further XP gain durning chromie time once you ding 50 and give you the option to leave when you want, then everyone will be satisfied


Agreed, I’m not getting the expansion till after I’m done with my alt army, so why kick me out if chromie time, its not like I can actually go do the 50+ content now is it?

The game should just a- ask if you want to return to normal time or b- check to see if you own shadowlands and then ask you if you want to go back to normal time only if you own shadowlands

If I don’t have the expansion, I can’t gain more levels after all. Its jus gold I’m getting at lvl 50 then

Apparently you cannot turn off XP gains durning chromie time anymore. Fantastic work blizzard.

I’ve noticed that’s been the case for weeks now. I did vent my frustration, but only now does everyone seem to notice.
And like, Chromie goes on asking you to go to Icecrown, when the event isn’t even enabled. This is super confusing.

Wonder how many players will be flooding the GMs with tickets on this issue

Chromie Time has been such a let down. I came back to the game thinking I would be able to experience old xpacs in their entirety, with campaign quest markers to get a cohesive story but basically nothing has changed other than you you might get an extra zone or two out of an xpac during levelling…

But you won’t get through any of the post-launch patch content or see any of the raids unless you go back and do what you can already do at max level.

None of the removed content is returning… you can’t even choose to stick around and just be overleveled.

It all feels like a waste of time. They may as well have scaled the entire 10-50 world to your level as an option you switch on an off in the UI and be done with it.

Being in The WOTLK timewalking “campaign” is basically just level scaling and the only campaign quest markers that exist, even in Northrend, are all trying to get me to go to BFA.

No point staying subbed or buying the expansion if it’s all endgame, always, all the time. I may as well wait two years, get the expansion for a few quid and experience it all in one go.

There is a whole WORLD of Warcraft out there but if you are not grinding borrowed power in the latest xpac or zooming your way there, you’re playing wrong, according to Blizzard.

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I agree, let my lvl 60 in SL get in same phase as lvl 20s pls :grin:
can it maybe be done with party sync or something??

i just wanna kill those… quests, ye i LOVE questing now!

Wait… Can’t you just go to the old zones when you’re lvl 50 or have all portals and other transport options (Zeppelins etc.) to the zones been disabled? I haven’t played PTR…

Yeah… lets slowdown here.

Can’t you just go back to the zone and continue your questing? Cause i really doubt it is.

So, this is AKA you want to slow everyone’s leveling cause you are not willing to continue the questing without xp rewards? Cause I’m not down with that.

Also, lets not confuse what Blizzard says with what a Taliesin video said. Deary me…

For now the only way you can get back in is by party syncing with another low lv player who has selected a Campaign with Chromie.
Only trouble with this method is you may have to redo quests that character hasn’t completed yet.
The whole implementation isn’t perfect, but I do believe they can get it right if they take the feedback to heart well enough.

How would it slow anyone’s leveling? i want to FINISH the expansion. not get kicked before i can even reach the final zone. I said your XP should be disabled while timewalking at level 50+, that makes entire sense as you’re only meant to level up to 50. This would not impact ANYONE who decides to leave timewalking upon 50. And yes i can go back and continue, but i do not enjoy one shotting mobs. Same goes for many other players


If you didn’t preorder or don’t actually OWN shadowlands, it can’t give you xp anyway.

Now, if you did pre order, or you do own shadowlands, I can understand them wanting to move you to the new stuff.
But like I sad before, the moment you hit 50 it should launch a pop up that asks you “do you wish to be teleported back to stormwind/orgramar to begin your adventures in the shadowlands?”
Yes. No.

Choose yes, their 60s timer starts and you auto drop quests and teleport back. After a “are you sure?
Yes. No.

If no, then it automatically locks your exp gain, and a questline sits in your log “Its TIME!” One you are done with whichever chromie setup you were doing, you just bring up that quest in your log and go to your main faction city. Speak to chromie when on that questline. Accept her next quest “Back to the Grind” and she phases you into normal time, unlocks your xp gain and sends you back to the normal flow of time.

How hard is that?

There is no reason to kick you if you don’t even own the shadowlands expansion

Right, so we can now disable our XP gains at 49, which was a much needed U-turn. It’s not a perfect way and we can’t use crafted iLvl 87 gear. But at least now I’ll be able to finish all Legion zones, including Suramar, Broken Shore and Argus storylines, without hitting 50 first.

I just finished to level a char to 50 and i must admit that being KICKED out of your leveling expension was a TERRIBLE feeling.
Now, if i want to finish my questline or even the full extension story i will have to do it while killing every mobs in one shot. That’s so lame…
Let us the opportunity to keep chromie time active at lvl50 with XP gain locked please.

I have tested the chromie time on another char.
What I did was that I locked my xp at 49 and then went on to quest.
I could opt in and out of chromie time, and my quest progress would not change. Like I opted out of chromie time to go back and solo Ring of blood, opted in again and continued with the scaling.

So if you wanna keep things at your level, this works without issues.

If you have uncompleted quests your progress will be the same as it was in chromietime, but without the scaling.

I personally really wish that they would change chromie time so that it would scale to the current maxlevel, with the option to opt out and go back and solo what you couldn’t do on the scaling… at least for the open world.