Please buff BDB for MWs

necro has been a dead in the water spec for PvE content, not to mention kyrian and night fae. Why should venthyr FO be the best covenant ability for 2 entire raid tiers, where no other covenant see play unless you want to grief your raid. FO is just a fire and forget instant 700K healing spell, but of course it should be the best covenant ability. BDB? You want to decide where you want to stack the healing? Sorry, that’s a HPS loss.


  • Let BDB healing + damage crit.
  • Increase the CDR reduction (it makes no sense that FO can be reduced to a 1 min cd when BDB can only reduce its cd from 60 to 57.5)

99parse for dausegne HC BOTH
4.3k dps with BDB as 271ilvl
3,5k dps with FO as 274ilvl

the BDB only gives a 1k to ST
+4-11k dps for MT (did make a macro to just pop it on the ground where i am, so no trouble around dropping it randomly besides unity).

All in all FO is just easyer but i do see necro as a nicer dps boost it is harder to control or when ppl stack with yulon i can pop 16-20k hps (almost the same amount when FO and yulon) at bigger puls for m+

(yes i get it that i loose a big cd for minor dps but its still something)

(mostly played necro for necro dungeons and raids)

my suggestion for boosting is increase the proc rate on unity

my highest reduction was to 1min30s but mostly it nicely comes by the soulleting ruby trinket BUT URH REDUCES IT BUT DOSENT REDUCE TRINKETS SO YOU HAVE TO WAIT THE TRINK TO POP BOTH ALL THE TIME

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