Please buff shamans

How the hell is it acceptable that a warrior still crits me for 400 damage on my 5k+ health enhancement shaman? What the F is this crap!!! I had to press lava burst TWICE until he died. Something is wrong with this game, please buff shamans we’re unplayable


SoD PVP right now.

I see you created another character to cry about shamans ? nice.

Think they should nerf Feral Druids along with buffing Shammys. Last chance to save the game xD

so pathetic, all the no skill warrs/rogues unite in demanding nerfs on all others so they could dominate like they expected they would while pickin their vanilla mega OP classes?

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What do you put in no skill? 1on1 pve or pvp?
Sorry cant 1on1 pvp shamans in A bg! 5 k to much

go play shaman? theres ur chance, 100% increased exp till lvl40. And then dominate the game, lets see how that works out for you… no matter what u pick, ur lack of skill will always make you lose. after u play shaman and get destroyed by your own class, what will you say then?

This post should be pinned!

Haha bro, it’s so easy to play a class that can run around with a better defensive stance than warrior and deal incredible damage. Not hard to press lava lash even when you get disarmed, your offhand will still hit with 700 damage.

Shamans saying they’re not strong in PvP right now LMAOOOOOOO actual FOTM class

Enjoy while you can. Hammer is coming for sure it legit break the game even more since sham is only one sided.

If you don’t dominate RN i’ve bad news for you, and your ego will get shredded.

no no, you have to feel sorry for them, this is their moment to shine, you just have to waste your time and get rolled over for them so they can feel happy

I only feel sorry for those that made it and though it was okay ^^

They should have same treatment as D4 devs, and apologize for their bad work :smiley:

Will never turn to horde!

Love how literally you’ve all taken this post. It’s dripping with sarcasm