Please change the Zandalri dance animation

(Zakkaru) #1

I think both are very disappointing and fail to capture their spirit. They don’t look cool or even thematic enough.

You’d think this should be easy. Zanda male should have a warrior dance that is characteristic to pre-columbian culture like here:

And female should have Brazillian Samba :

Can you honestly imagine Talanji dancing the way Zanda female is dancing?
I can’t.

Thier dances should reflect their spirit, and those animations have completely missed the spot, on both of them.
The Gwara Gwara is a tribal dance but Zandalari are sophisticated trolls, that live in city of Gold, this is why Samba would fit troll females much more since at carnival of Rio de Janeiro they also favor impressive feathery hats and masks but dancewould also take out the best of their good figures and long legs.

And Males have models that remind of stoic, sturdy and firm person so why he makes a movement which I had when I was 7yo? That arm flapping is just embarrasing. But their leg movement could be used for Aztec warrior routine.

Overll dances are completely off and can’t compete with cool cappoeira or sexy belly dance regular trolls have. Please revisit them.


Females should be dancing Do The Dinosaur, also dances aren’t exactly meant to be tied to the game and that’s why the new dances feel so soulless

(Zakkaru) #3

That is also good suggestion anythin but that shaky leg will be better.

(Volfang) #4

Gonna have to disagree here. I think the Gwara Gwara was a great dance to add due to its cultural significance. The male dance was a bit weird, granted but overall its decently animated and neither are in need of a complete overhaul.

(Zakkaru) #5

What? I mean it’s cool that you like it, good for you, but what cultural significance?

(Volfang) #6

Apparently the Gwara Gwara was a bit of a trend in South Africa. This makes it cool as many of the existing dance moves are based on American pop culture.

(Zakkaru) #7

Ok then by all means they can apply, just on another race that would be more tribal and not on Zandalari. They should’ve stick with exotic Mesoamerican aesthetic for Z trolls and I’m gonna stick with my opinion that Samba would’ve been far more fitting for female considering that they also prefer to wear big featherly hats and masks.

AND that we could admire with this dance their long legs.

(Xartim) #8

Gwara Gwara is totally cool. but the zandalari male dance?

Get out of here

(Zakkaru) #9

I don’t find this dance fitting for Zandalari females, but good for them that like it.

Weren’t you a troll female a moment ago?

(Xartim) #10

oh yes i was i just had a go at male for a change, gonna switch back again :slight_smile: i was bored

(Zakkaru) #11

Quite expensive fad could’ve try those gender switching potions.

(Xartim) #12

Yeah i mean, im grown up and earn my fair share of money so its not gonna poke a hole in my wallet a bit if i say so. And its a nice change with some new animations etc. Who knows, i might stick with it for longer.

(Atahalni) #13

They should give males the default fortnite dance.

(Zakkaru) #14

No, they should have something that captures their culture well.

(Atahalni) #15


Pandaren male dance has nothing to do with their culture but it is great!

(Zakkaru) #16

Pandaren dance is great, fornite isn’t. This is why warrior dance would be better.